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I have a new computer with windows 7 professional and 64bit. SureThing CD Labeler 5. If you have suggestions or comments, contact us.

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printmaster v6 platinum freezing

It was first developed in the s by the Encore Inc company. PrintMaster is a simple and easy to use publishing program, not as flash and useful and many of its counterparts, but it is quick, efficient and very cost-effective. I couldn't even x out of the program. I have a new computer with windows 7 professional and 64bit.

If the program continues to freeze, submit a tech support ticket: Did I freeze something? Did you mean Office Depot? Home Depot does not sell downloads. Ranking patinum Graphic Design:. Run some clean up utilities, reboot and try again.

I purchased a download version of printmaster v6platinum from Home Depot. Software similar to PrintMaster:. The use of software downloaded from this site should comply with the laws in your country.

All rights reserved to Printmaeter. PrintMaster Platinum oldest version View all old versions. I was about an hour into my project when the program froze.

PrintMaster is used in the marketing and design industries to create highly visual graphical publications, but it can also be used by individuals with simpler goals, such as designing greeting cards or publishing flyers. It is a good idea to frequently save your project. This program requires a lot of resources to run, so it helps to disable programs running in the background just while you work in PrintMaster.

Editions of PrintMaster include Platinum, Gold and Express, each with its own price tag and list of features.

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New updates and editions of printmaser ocular program are released on a regular basis. I checked the Canadian site and the USA site and nothing came up.

Puts text and images together seamlessly Includes formats for different printed materials Updated regularly by the software designers. Secret Ingredients - - - - Chessmaster 10th Edition - - - - Defcon: Type your search here:.

Create, Design and Print Projects in Minutes!

We are happy to recommend you programs like PrintMaster that other users liked. If you have suggestions or comments, contact us.

VirusCop See all programs. PrintMaster is a publications and design program that has a multitude of uses. Download PrintMaster Latest version v6 Platinum.

Downloads Magazine Windows Files. I clicked on everything with no luck, shut the program down by shutting my computer down. The icon with 4 arrows is the cursor now and nothing can be clicked in to. PrintMaster Latest version v6 Platinum Download. PrintMaster can support a large number of file formats and it has a long list of features and functions at its disposal.

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