How does drowning mutilate? This isn't sportsmanship but radical islamic extremism which attaches them to islamic nation. The work was simple — gather news from a reliable source and disseminate it among the subscribers of the pages, discussion forums, twitter feeds and alike. That has however not deterred ShankhNaad from posting inflammatory content with alarming regularity.

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Meanwhile the group has also suffered some setbacks with a fan page of Dr.

ShankhNaad – An Alt News exposé of the communal rabble rouser and leading peddler of fake news

The members, dedicated to the cause, took time out of their work and personal lives, skipping a lot of personal engagements so as to keep this wave going. Most of them may become invalid from a day to a few months later. While the mainstream media is about news, accuracy and reliability; Social media is more about general sensibilities and public opinion.

Social media is replete with misinformation, rumours and fake news that is often disseminated with the motive of causing division among communities.

"Seven" The Shankhnaad (TV Episode ) - IMDb

It alleged that a Hindu female convict died after she had been brutalised by a Muslim jailor at the Byculla prison in Mumbai. It has more than 1. It is owned by Rahul Priyadarshi. Shamli police immediately issued a clarification saying that said video was two years old and appropriate action had already been taken.

May 26th was a milestone for the group when their favourite leader, Narendra Modi became the PM of the country. The video was promptly debunked by Hyderabad police which issued a statement that the video was fake and that no such violence shanjhnaad taken place anywhere in Hyderabad. Clearly, an attempt was made to inflame passions between the members of the two communities.

You could follow Alt News shankhnaar either via our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter or by subscribing to our E-mail updates. It became a clockwork of sorts where everything else took backseat, the only thing important was information. The story expectedly turned out to be false. Back home in India, it was time shankhnwad General elections.

The objective was to closely coordinate the campaign work on and off the ground, and take their work to a big milestone. This was another deliberate attempt to rouse tension between Muslims and Hindus. How Muslim mob had attacked police station, pelted stones, arson, riots. No, the woman in uniform standing next to Nirmala Sitharaman is not her daughter 2nd January Since its inception, it has been shanhknaad posting malicious information with the intention of vitiating inter-community relations.

ANI — A tale of inadvertent errors and oversights 21st October The Author is responsible for accuracy, shnkhnaad, suitability and validity of any information in this article. This exercise is being conducted in an organised manner through various portals and twitter handles.

These patriots took to social media in a big way and although it was no match or alternative for the mainstream media, it led to the formation of shankunaad was the initial phase of social media activism. The posts are such that the minority community is blamed for the provocations with the intention of sowing the seeds of hatred and division.

What followed as an obvious measure was gagging of free press and media with government going on a damage control overdrive. A big test of everything and everyone. The video in question was actually shot in at Miraj in Sangli when violence had broken out over shankhnsad inflammatory poster that had been put up during the Ganesh Utsav.

One such portal, ShankhNaad. Currently Trending on Alt News. Latest on Alt News. In Julyanother false piece of information was shared shankhmaad ShankhNaad. Pakistan beat India in the Champions Trophy final on June 18, This lie was busted when it came to light that the photo in question was of a protest that took place in Sri Lanka in ShankhNaad subsequently deleted the tweet. There was a lot to shaankhnaad but distance was turning out to be a big bottleneck.

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