Vistumbler WiFi network detector compatible with Vista. Made GUI Text in update. Click to load comments. Button Colors can now be specified for easier visibility export and wifidb related fixes Added updated script to update manufactures that no longer needs. Lightweight and simple-to-use application that detects nearby wireless access points that you can connect to, and features GPS support.

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Vistumbler is now resizable vistumnler. Although Vistumbler Portable seems pretty easy to use, it is not so intuitive for beginners, as the lingo present can be quite difficult to understand.

Settings have been moved to the local profile.


Files from previous versions of vistumbler will not be compatible Vistumbler 2. Changed the way the treeview works. Vistumbler now supports characters for signal data some of this is used for the delimiters Added link to vistumbker friends PHP graphing in the Extra menu. Cleaned up code Made Vistumbler less cpu intensive Various bug fixes. Download Vistumbler b5 Treeview will now obey the filters that are set. Fixed crash on guess netsh searchwords if nothing was returned.

Filtering by signal now ivstumbler. Added buttons to browse for colors in the settings window. In Japanese Version Fixed some characters not showing in the treeview. Added feature to set how long to wait vistumlber marking an access point dead.

The last mentioned option enables you to use Vistumbler Portable on any computer that you may have access to.

Fixed access points not showing if multiple access points were returned in one SSID. A feature that you might find useful is the fact that this software program does not require installation and therefore, you can easily copy it to any location on the hard drive or even to a portable device such vistumvler a USB flash drive.

Fixed some APs having signal even though they are dead when loading from a file. A straightforward and lightweight software application that helps any type of user to easily and quickly search for wireless networks.

Vistumbler no longer requires administrator rights. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. Settings have been moved to the local profile. So no trying to use it on a flakey connection Vistumbler v9.

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The main window is pretty straightforward, displaying a folder tree on one side, while on the other, you can view a list of all detected Wi-Fi connections.

Lightweight and simple-to-use application that vvistumbler nearby wireless access points that you can connect to, and features GPS support. Fixed "Add Manufacturer by Mac" and "Add Labels by Mac" GUIs vistimbler when they sort they to not mess up mac address that are all numbers string being treated as a number Fixed numbering access points when loading a list into another list Fixed columns being in wrong order when Vistumbler is loaded without a ini file Added French language by Bubu. This should help with the flickering of the screen every time the graph refreshes Changed when new AP sound is played.

Click to load comments. More about Vistumbler Since the program has been added to our selection of programs and apps init has managed to obtaininstallations, and last week it achieved 5 downloads.


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Laws concerning the use of vistumblee software vary from country to country. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.

To use 'Netcomm OCX' it first needs to be installed http: New in Vistumbler Manufacturer information was taken from here http: Apr 19th, GPL.

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