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Also copy the gapps zip file into the root of the HP TouchPad's drive. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. I use the webos TP almost everyday. This is so cool!

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On my VirtualBox machine it is C: On Linux systems you can leave it where you downloaded it too, but in Windows at least it will make like a little easier if you move the unzipped file to the same directory you installed the Palm Novacom SDK to.

Create a folder named cminstall on your HP TouchPad from your. After a moment of nothing, a stream of Linux command lines should appear. Once complete, you will. Blog Home "I can't even think about switching phon Select 'Choose zip from sdcard', select the gapps ZIP file you saved to the root.

We'll outline later uninstall and emergency recovery options that could save a seemingly bricked device. But as far as I know, overclocking the processor may cause damage to the device! Application-specific passwords worked ine on gapps in CM7, but with the new CM9 gapps when I tried to sign in with an app specific pw the system literally said "don't use an app specific password.

Soon the js engine is replaced via the open source initiative from hp. TouchPad Themes and Apps. Unofficial TWRPs acmienstaller devices without source code.

How to do it. TechRadar pro IT insights for business.

If acmeinstallwr want to install the extra Google Apps stuff, reboot. Next, you'll need your USB data cable to hand and download the required files from the RootzWiki page. I am using 2-step authentication on my google account have not had any problems with gmail or any other app.

Once you have installed the the SDK you can continue with the steps listed bellow. Everything is downloaded and in the right paths and I didn't unzip the folders.

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Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Let's be up front, this is third-party alpha software that replaces the boot-loader and installs Android. Wednesday, August 08, 7: I wanted to see if taking over the hardware and putting Android's Ice Cream Sandwich would make the TouchPad even more useful. I have just finished installing CyanogenMod 7. The entire reset process shouldn't take more than half an hour. Great post, I enjoyed reading it!

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The ClockworkMod Recovery provides a number of recovery and restore features that can help reset and fix problems. I have been using all of the builds of CyanogenMod e. This will detect your operating system and display a button — acneinstaller Install Novacom to proceed. Four files are essential: Now you can try the Hanselminutesplayer app for Android on it ;- Yes that was a shameless plug.

To start the Android install, type the following line into the command prompt. Also copy the gapps zip file into the root of the HP TouchPad's drive. Tuesday, February 28, 5: Never mind, the links are working now.

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