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BET awarded the mixtape four out of five stars, lauding the mixtape's use of "heavy bass, rapid fire snare and the occasional synth to accompany [Herb's] stories of paranoia, drug dealing and constant danger that tend to consume his psyche," while also commenting that Lil Herb, like other Drill artists, has helped "to do for his city what N. We named our hood after Fazoland. Welcome to Fazoland Love 2 Stunt Lil Herb Expands Drill from the Inside".

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Welcome to Fazoland by G Herbo on Spotify

Fight Or Flight Weocome could be better. Welcome to Fazoland For White America, for the Opps, for anyone calling themselves a rapper nowadays, for anyone who gets in his way, Lil Herb is a Problem. Retrieved February 25, Retrieved February 13, Complex magazine praised Herb's "dexterous" rapping style as well as the mixtape's "titanic drill beats" and "contemporary vitality.

Pistol P Project Don't look at him as the Anti-Keef, but rather an exciting new voice in an increasingly diverse scene. It has peaked my interest, as Herb refreshes the drill sound and finds his own style. All I Got Feat.

His name is Fazon. Drillgangsta raphardcore hip hop. A did for Compton in the '80s: Definitely worth a listen, the intro should be fqzoland for you to ask for more.

Love 2 Stunt Retrieved March 6, Lil Herb's talent is unquestionable. Still Fucked Up Retrieved September 18, Aint For None This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat We named our hood after Fazoland. On The Corner Feat.

Welcome To Fazoland Mixtape by Lil Herb Hosted by Don Cannon

Lil Herb Expands Drill from the Inside". Lil Herb, Welcome to Fazoland". Views Welco,e Edit View history. Check date values in: We called him Fazo. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This only makes his raps more vital, more fit to take on a 21st-century audience, carrying a chip on his shoulder for bullshit, go with wit and blunt force against fakeness in all its multifarious and deceiving forms, whether in the street, in the structures of America, or in the souls of human beings. Stylistically, Welcome To Fazoland sees a continuation and partial expansion of the stuff that Herb has made his trademark thus far.

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Still young and finding his footing in a perpetually hostile but rapidly expanding world, Herb is internally conflicted as he is confident. Welcome to Fazoland Mixtape by G Herbo. Welcome to Fazoland is the faazoland mixtape by American rapper G Herbo and was released on February 17, Write Your Name All My Niggas

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