Gunter kallmann choir christmas sing in

Not much background is available about Gunter Kallmann online. I can send you the album if you want via email. Just visit this blog again:

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On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection It's cute at times, annoying most of the time.

Hi Thanx, I was just about to digitize this one I borrowed from my dad - we used this one for years and years. God Bless Us All!!!!!! And now I'm looking for it, and I found it with you man.

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Do you know where I can buy a CD or download mp3s? It's a mini opera and sets the tone for the rest of the album handsomely. It's been 10 years since my last Xhristmas at home and christmzs time I hear songs from this album, it feels like I'm home. The orchestra swings, one moment lush and full of strings, then getting down and funky with the bassline coming across loud and clear.

A Christmas Yuleblog: The Gunter Kallmann Choir - Christmas Sing-In

This album brings back memories of childhood. I can send you the album if you want via email. Thanks for sharing this! Air Force 1 U.

the gunter kallmann choir Christmas song on Spotify

Been looking for it ever since, now I have it on my computer and carry it along to play in the car on my flash drive. It's the best Christmas album of all time for me.

Each one of the twelve tracks on the album is a medley, fusing two or three songs into one. It's a testament to the King Of Jingaling who keeps coming up with these amazing albums.

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Love their harmonies and accents. Cpt, thank you very much for pointing me the way to have my own copy of this treasure.

Thanks so much for posting this. Thank you very much for posting this Album and helping reminiscing the good memories of Christmas We had a cassette album of this when I was still a kid and when the casette was destroyed, Christmases came, it's like my Christmas is not complete without these songs so when I grew up I reallyu found a way to find the CD album of this but it was hard to find at record stores so I searched the internet and was lucky I found it here, actually I found it here back christmmas and now it's so you could really say that I really love this album.

Cozy up to the fire as a Christmas obsessed music collector chats about new CDs to his collection, the Christmas music that got away, and links to Christmas music via the web and the occasional mp3 post. Now i have my own copy, you have made me so happy! Now I stumbled on your blog and I got the most wonderful present of my life even though xmas is 6 months away I now have the album on my computer and can play anytime I want. Just visit this blog again: A very merry christmas to you By the end of the album, you want to shove those bells down someone throat.

It then switches into a bells blazin' version of "Jingle" only to be followed by a funky cover of "Where Did My Snowman". When I was a child I always played this song and I lost the copy. My Dad still has this on vinyl and keeps it hidden because I drag it out every Christmas and drive them all mad with it.

I have been looking for information about the Gunter Kallman Choir for years. This christmss, in a nutshell, is an experience! Thanks again for my new copy. Now i'm off to buy it jallmann subject my non christmassy husband to years of this.

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