Baccus expanded font

At the same time, however, their lack of mechanical quirks makes them more self-effacing and therefore less eye-grabbing. All retain a clean appearance, even on display devices of only moderate resolution like computer monitors , by maintaining a strictly vertical stress and subtly squaring off the rounds. The total absence of any variation in line thickness keeps the letterforms clean and relatively easy to read.

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This gives it a very contemporary feeling despite elements that, reassembled, might appear to be Deco. As a text face, it is open and legible; set large, as a display face, it is full of interesting but unobtrusive irregularities. Otherwise, rather than slowing expabded reader down and creating a fascinating puzzle to focus the reader's attention, it will defeat its own purpose through reader frustration.

The "boards" out of which the characters are constructed are seldom straight or true, adding to the raffishness of the forms. BAILEY is, quite frankly, a novelty script face designed more for attracting attention than for practical legibility.

Like Gremlin Caps, it is a bold titling font, but the rounded outlines and open centers make it much airier, so that it can be run larger without becoming oppressive. Black-letter the only unequivocal term for what too often are called "old english" or "gothic" faces is usually composed of solid strokes.

So insistent is this theme, however, that readability is poor, and you must be sure that it's both pertinent to the subject and confined to only brief use if you are not to abuse the sensibilities of your reader.

For example, in a gardening contexts, it's more likely to suggest the texture of a dry stone wall than a stencil.

The reversing of the bacccus against its black-or color, depending on your software and printer-background makes it an attention-grabber.

It is readable enough that you can even get away with whole paragraphs—or posters—set in Krebbs. This, plus its overall regularity, invest Ignatz with some of the best of both extremes.

Font List - Letter B (SOFONTES) Fontes gratis para Download

This gives it much more sense of flair and individuality than a typical chancery, but Florentine's openness maintains much of the chancery legibility. Our Casque follows it closely.

When the right opportunity comes along, however, there no substitute for such a font. LAPLAND Lubalin served as the model for the present example of a square-serif typeface formerly known as "egyptian"—though at an even earlier date that term was used for sans-serif. MONARCH is an aristocratic display face with the tall ascenders and small x-height that characterized many such fonts in the first half of this century. HELMSLEY is the sort of open, informal, easily legible fony that first appeared in profusion when photo typesetting replaced hand setting of metal type for headlines and other display use in the middle of bacccus century.

Baccus Expanded Regular font

Note how square and round terminals are played against each other, and the way a few elements the middle arm of the "E" for example are almost squeezed out of existence by their neighbors. He sought to combine classic virtues of clarity and legibility with sufficient individuality in the letterforms to hold the reader's eye baccux imagination. But this-combined with its necessarily loose letterspacing, to keep the characters from obscuring one another-inhibits easy reading.

In fact, it loses quality if set point or smaller. More modern in feel than those based on the so-called Spencerian model, it is less extreme in its formality and thus broader in its range of appropriate applications. In many contexts, its inflated letterforms would be literally too much, but it is an amusing titling face with a fairly broad range of uses. JOLT obviously is designed to suggest electrical current—not excluding lightning. Use it as a chef might use clove or ginger: It suggests quick lettering with a fine-tipped felt pen, which looks more natural in many contexts than the broad strokes used in constructing many of the most popular of informal script faces.

PLOVER is a graceful, linear sans-serif whose multiple weights give the typographer fine control over the effect, particularly where multiple sizes are called for as well.

Baccus Expanded Font

Its great flair exacts some penalty in legibility, limiting use to such short texts. It is a fine choice for invitations or for ad headlines in a high-style context where traditional values prevail. It can be used successfully for titling in everything from advertising to books.

For general use, on the one hand, it is a pleasantly contemporary hand-lettered style: The delicacy of the line structure lets you run the face in very large point sizes without ponderousness.

By today's standards it is a fine choice for display in a much broader field. Florentine follows many of the letterform characteristics of that model, but suggests the use of a more flexible pen and a freer hand than are the rule in chanceries. Its most obvious characteristics, however, are the very small x-height, exaggerated by the oversize caps, which descend below the baseline.

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