Dan Margulis, color correction guru and author of some of the best books on Photoshop color correction, has written a new book on using the LAB colorspace for color correction. We'll have dates and pricing by March, but if you're interested please let us know at safaris cardinalphoto. Even experienced Curves users will likely find a number of timesaving features in Curvemeister. Details on our Africa Digital Photo Safaris. One could try creating a Mask , but it is much quicker and simpler using the BlendIF feature for both channel changes.

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With Curvemeister you can set multiple neutral markers and the curves get modified so that the neutral areas are neutral.

We walk you through your options. Curvemeister uses the word "pin" for something else already, but stick with me on this one as it is worth it.

DPS 4-5: Supercharging Photoshop with LAB & Curvemeister + Hot New Product Announcements

The L channel, protecting the darker areas of the image and the b channel limiting the colour curveemister I think of the top This Layer of BlendIF curvemeistrr a line of bricks that will fall down on to the layer beneath unless you move the sliders inwards to stop them - the bottom underlying layer as a row of eggs which will get smashed unless you protect them by moving their sliders inwards. The main disadvantage of Masks slightly removed by the interactive nature of CurveMeister is that you have to pre-visualise what the effect will be.

Points can have various properties as we will see shortly. Every day I'm more impressed by what is possible using LAB.

Workflow Technique # @Digital Outback Photo

For what the program includes, this is not unreasonable, but may seem a bit steep if your budget runs more to Elements than it does to the full version of Photoshop. With any image, I think it is important to first work out what you want to do with it.

Pin Library files are simple text documents that can easily be created with a text editor, or Curvemeister will let you create curvemeiater Pins from Sample points. Drag one out onto your image and the curve will automatically be adjusted to make the color at that point match the pin color.

If you right-mouse click on an curvemeieter, the resulting pop-up menu will let you can create any of the three, and all have well thought out behaviors.

This is incredibly helpful and saves tons of time. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

This idea won't appeal to curvemeistre, but it is optional so use it if you find it helpful and turn it off if you don't. Give it a try! While in use, the new version of Curvemeister also temporarily replaces the regular Photoshop image window with its own rendition of the image being worked on.

Lab Color Saturation with BlendIF or CurveMeister One Shot

Menus and Options added to the PS preview window. You can use this form to order a copy. Black channel of wgCMYK. Moose Peterson's Site There isn't much that Moose doesn't know about nature and wildlife photography. So the final image looks like this You can also load and save curves from Curvemeister as standard Photoshop.

See the attached screenshot for an example. A number of other value display options are available as well. Also, we're pleased to announce that our African photo safaris for are ready for sign-up. Tue, Nov 6 Assigning a push-pin to a place in a photo pins that cyrvemeister to a particular color.

You can mitigate the effect by splitting the sliders using the Alt key to make a smooth transition. Curves do not work in PS Elements 2 here Curvemeister is essential Curvemeister Photoshop integration A curve tool needs to be very well integrated with Photoshop because: Agoda International discounted hotel booking through Agoda Cardinal Photo Products on Zazzle A fun selection of great gift products made from a few of our favorite images.

One of the very few things Curvemeister can't do is work its magic on an Adjustment Layer. I hope this gives you ideas about how easy it is to make changes in Lab colour mode and the power of BlendIF.

Anyone seriously interested in maximizing their Photoshop skills should get Dan Margulis's book on the subject: When I introduced the Earthbound Light Solution for Curves and other goodies in Photoshop Elements just over a year ago, I also wrote briefly about a nice plug-in known as Curvemeister that I've been meaning to take a more detailed look at ever since.

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