In extremo am goldenen rhein

Related Articles Live Review: Fri Jan 11 7: Latest Events View Full Calendar. Scooter - Dortmund Live Review:

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Kalmah - Zwickau Interview: Cover Picture Tracklist Amorphis - Ni evening with friends at Huvila Live Review: The sound was good, the light show spectacular and pyrotechnic work breathtaking. The crowd was by now beside themselves and thanks were given by Das lezte Einhorn to his fellow band members during the track and also to the audience itself, who it has to be said had the time of their lives. Related Articles Live Review: Empathy Test - December Live Review: In Extremo - Kunstraub - 1 match Live Review: However as the camera moves to the fantastic animated Saengerkrieg horse logo that served as a backdrop to the gig, you could almost taste the adrenalin running through the crowd.

In Extremo - Chemnitz - 1 match Gallery: Solar Fake - Helsinki Live Review: Radioaktivists - Radioakt One Live Review: It rbein a great gig all round and the video team captured it perfectly.

Fri Jan 04 7: Latest Events View Full Calendar.

All in all a great DVD, one of the higher end offerings that I have heard goldeen and certainly one to recommend buying. Tue Jan 08 7: Fri Jan 11 7: Sun Jan 06 7: Scooter - Dortmund Live Review: Special mention here should be made of Micha Rhein, lead singer, whose whole arm and shoulder was bandaged from a pyrotechnics accident earlier in the tour and who must have been in some considerable pain with it, although to see his performance you would never know, as it was as enthusiastic and slick as ever, a true professional.

In Extremo - Dresden - 1 match Live Review: Xetremo clearly had a lot of fun, sitting at a bar table and singing to fxtremo other and the audience really appreciated the little show within a show. Fewjar - Dortmund Gallery: Wed Jan 09 7: Sat Jan 05 7: Blackfield Festival - Gelsenkirchen Day 2 - 1 match.

Johnny Marr - Cologne Musta Paraati - Helsinki Gallery: This song held still more great things, Boris picked up a fire wand and twirled it in time to the music as the video screens raged fire and flames and the audience went absolutely crazy as Micha fed them the first line and they replied with the second.

Kreator - Leipzig CD Review: This is a chance for the very talented Morgenstern to really make his presence felt. Thu Jan 10 7: The band themselves were as tight and energetic as I have seen them, giving great performances of old and new work alike.

Merry Christless - Wroclaw Gallery: Banter was friendly and the band looked happy and relaxed as they always do.

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