Dota lod 6.74

Credit for each build goes to the respective owners nobody can really lay claim to a skill build anyway. When more skill slots are available, consider getting these skills to further increase your attack range:. Everyone gets a random choice of 11 heroes. Aug 29 Click the hero whose skill you want.

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Witchcraft level 2 is enough to make Quill Spray 1 second cooldown. Sorry for the necro, just had a question 6.774 Oxy - would the bloodthirst whatever the amplify damage ability from bloodseeker is give bonus damage to a walrus punch?

To have a good overview of all Legends of Dota Maps that are available, we created this list.


Witchcraft is not allowed with aftershock either so: Welcome to Reddit, lo front page of the internet. Report such problems to author. Do you already have an account?

In the RGC chat join a lod channel of your country and start your game with like-minded players! Jul 31, Messages: Tutorials 6.74 out the Map Development Section: Where can I play LoD? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. AI with too many possible combinations of Skills.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Aug 29 You can pick almost 6.47 combination you can think of, there are almost no limits - you can create new heroes within a few clicks and play with them! Something I'd like to try is. Many people love Ai versions for Dota to test heroes, item combos and spell combinations!

LoD Modes & Commands

Personally I feel that Morph Strength reduces your attack speed too much for you to be more effective in fights. There are countless possibilities! DracoL1ch - Oct 26 Thanks for the feedback!

May 21, Messages: Oct 2, Messages: Big thanks to the author of the custom game, Legends Of Dota and Baumi for making this post possible! KonsongNov 21, Works rather lood with the rot. Yeah, I agree with the comment below.

Legends Of Dota (LoD) Skill Builds Thread : DotA2

Join the 11th Music Contest! Sep 4, Messages: Ever imagined playing a hero with over range?

Well, lets do the math: I have many more that work fantabulously but am too lazy and protective to share publicly. I won't rate it because of that. How the heck you open dota maps with world editor?

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