Starlito shout your name

It may not be a story, but it is a story, there's the story because this writer, the Hughes brothers or whatever, put together a whole movie about it. I get what both of y'all are saying. Because I mean rappers — all rappers come with an ego, you know, everybody might not have an inflated ego but we all come with an ego. Back home I don't have to know you — if we walk past each other and I don't know you, I don't have to know you, I'mma greet — of course I'm not finna shake your hand I don't know you — but we gonna nod or, "What's up" or "How you doing," or whatever.

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I can remember Snoop Dogg being one of the first rappers that was like just super cool to me and it was on some normal s If you're gonna deal with somebody from Memphis, that should be who you're looking at.

Starlito - P.K. Subban

We probably had 50 beats that we both contributed to and we're just going through until like we both look at each other, "I like that one. I feel like we got music that could go on the radio, that could stay on the radio, but I don't control those kind of things.

Thank you for supporting our work. I know what you're saying in terms of the sound, but I don't think that we categorize our production or production choices. They didn't want to give the Step Brothers a beat that they would give me.

Not just on some machismo, but, "I understand the structure of our relationship and, yeah, some things are really kind of unfair but it is what it is and I accept me. I starlit that helps where the friction would lie. And I felt like this is not just my plight, like this is — if anything it was a therapy of sorts. And later on in life, to watch Lil Wayne do it. So the seven songs, or the six songs before it are more of a side A and the six songs after are side B, and — with the exception of "Leash On Life" — the music on the front half is more upbeat, it's more back and forth, spastic.

[VIDEO] Starlito- Shout Your Name (prod. By Coop) | 2 L's On A Cloud

You don't get, "Oh, this is my song, this is what I'm going through. And for a Step Brothers record, he'll send deranged records and he'll send triumphant records and sometimes — I think it's all about timing — sometimes that works for us, sometime it just works for us individually. I think that was like a — I don't want to call it an icebreaker, 'cause you know as rappers, we perceive each other to be as rappers.

And when I dropped my verse, I think that's when we came out and then the hook came along.

That it's not a clear divide between who's struggling and who's doing what. It describes — it's more of a genre, like a book genre, a literary genre? I'm way more familiar with the story of not making it, or, I've seen way more examples of what went wrong than what went right. I don't really hear many songs like that. And then, further shoout that, is how everything else I do determines how far the relationship can go. He was like, "Whatever y'all need, I'm involved. I've been doing this series on in hip-hop — all those albums that came out: I don't have to move to here to make it and say I'm from there and later on fill you in.

Shout Ur Name by Starlito - Samples, Covers and Remixes | WhoSampled

I never heard anyone say that before in terms of influences and life, and I think that's important and a lot of people don't realize that. He came to my spot once, we did six songs; I went to his spot, we did like five; and then we finished the project, mixed and mastered in LA. It was just something — you know, we met each other, we could get along and we had a lot nname common.

But I think that's because we know how to communicate with each other. So what's your process in terms of like, do you challenge each other?

I like the fact that you guys put it together — the ideas, the thoughts, the experience — and it comes across so real. If he offers any input, that's where it's aimed, and vice versa.

And he went xhout made a rap song about it and showed a jame putting a baby in a dumpster. I was like, "Yeah, I gotta get on my s 'cause I can do it if he can do it.

Microphone Check The Tennessee musicians on where they come from, their definition of trap music and relationships, both working and romantic. Thank you very much.

I just can't keep up with all the trends and nuances of categorizing music and so we don't really try to do that — it's just our music coming from where we come from. It would be accepted and taken in as a mixtape even though I went in and crafted an album.

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