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Reply to Aptoide Bot just the app i need. Can you please check on active notifications for msgs which are been received. Some problems with my contacts receiving messages. I don't understand why it indicates that a contact is offline when they are online. Nexus 5, current Android version A Answer would be great:

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We use cookies to offer you a great app store! Thanks for remembering us old geezers! Despite having identical sound settings on 2 different devices, pak sounds are sporadic, inconsistent, and sometimes, nonexistent.

Julio Cesar 5 years ago. There's only two things wrong I don't like. Excellent IM client for both work and personal uses.

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Works as advertised Just wondering — which version of the ICQ protocol does this app implement? Below you may find the list of other amazing features which will definitely take your mobile IM experience to the next level: Can you please check on active notifications for msgs which are been received. Ak new protocols kicked in in May This application passed the security test for virus, malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't contain any threats.

Good It's a good app! Keep up the awesome work! It's very easy on the eyes and easy to deal with. Guess You Like View apj.

IM+ Pro 6.2.3 APK

I really hope there's update in the works, as FB is now the titan of messengers these days: If i am in an OTR conversation jabber and than minimize the app using the home button or lock app the otr connection disconnected. One zpk, all your messaging.

I heard version 4 and above have encryption, is this the case here? Is yahoo change its protocol? Very good app was only some days and from today does not working.

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Update happy wheels instalikes itube dj liker happy chick. Not sure if the API changed or what. This is the best IM client for Android. Please fix the apj issues. I doea not like to work with Facebook.

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But it does have some bugs. But they seem to have removed the preferences button, so you can no longer stop it from starting when you boot, not can you turn it off easily.

I need this app to stay in touch. When I re add, it says I already have permission from Facebook to access, but the connection fails anyway.

That works much better. Not really sure what the "bug fixes" the update supposedly fixed, since it seems to have added a couple big ones. Great way to have multiple messaging accounts in one place. Reply to Aptoide Bot Excelente e leve. I really like being able to switch to the dark mode and I use the Huge text size.

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