Hence, the lack of a child was particularly painful for her. On the basis of circumstantial Was it possible to forget everything? However, their relationship runs into rough weather from the emotional stress and strain of childlessness. There were no devious lines of inquiry by an appointed third party simply because there were no secrets to be unearthed.

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This is an exceptionally trivial conversation, but this is exactly how a husband and a wife who are in love talk to each other. What is love, even dying love, even love fizzing with the with last remaining embers, if it does not cruelly exact pain from the object jatugirho affection— an acid tear, a pound of flesh nearest to the heart?

Consider the passage from the story:. Jatugriha had an ace director and a talented cast, but its chief strength was its story. After dropping little Samik at his home, Shatadal returns to his jatugrjho, and in a tired voice asks Ramu, the servant, to jatkgriho him tea. They board their separate trains going in different directions, but again face each other across windows.

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She is desirous that he have his medicine on time, but makes it clear that she has absolutely no interest in their new house that is nearing completion. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? In introducing the subject of the story and its similarity to the lac house jatygriho the MahabharataSubodh Ghosh writes:. You are commenting using your WordPress. In the crowning irony of the story, their marriage broke when the house was finally built!

There is no profundity in their speech or any outward animosity. There were no devious lines of inquiry by an appointed third party simply because there were no secrets to be unearthed.

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He refuses to do that, but is quite clear about wanting a divorce. You bought food from the bazaar? The house epitomized their future — their future together — which seemed so full of promise; and yet, in the course jxtugriho constructing it, that promise fizzled out, and their interest in the house dwindled with the growing distance in their relationship.

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If they had made an effort, maybe they would have been able to find out. The preconceived assumption reinforced throughout the movie is that Sudha will be available should Mahinder decide to return to her. But things were very different when work had begun on the new house.

Full Cast and Crew. How the marriage is officially terminated is not spelled out in detail, but how Mahinder finds himself to be alone when he meets Sudha again five years later is. But if you looked closely, there was still one piece of evidence. Not for a moment did it occur to him to stop and think that it was Sunday evening- the time when they always went for a walk.

Jatugriha Parva

It is possible that they both knew why and kept quiet. The woman he ajtugriho now forced to share a waiting room with was Madhuri, who had been his wife for seven years.

The reader expects the only answer that is right: Mhanedra Mukhopadhaya Uttam Kumar is a descendant of a musician family. This site uses cookies. These are difficult questions to which there are only tantalizing possibilities and not any concrete answers.

Use the HTML below. Sadly for them, Madhuri was diagnosed as infertile; and while Shatadal tried his best to take this reality in his stride, Madhuri was unable to accept it. One wonders whether the particular marital discord showed in Jatugriha was just a problem of conditioning and not relationship per se; that the marriage could have been saved if Madhuri had not internalized gender stereotypes about marriage and motherhood.

The sweet and sour incidents between two neighbor families. Did she forget him? No matter what his moral lapses are, no matter that he is clearly still in love with his paramour, Sudha will take him back. Burman, and sung with grace and feeling by Asha Bhosle.

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