Magtanim ay d biro minus one

Just pinch a short crease where the fold meets the side of the paper. The envelopes either unraveled at a slight tug, used unnecessary aids like Scotch tape or left the CD exposed. I have posted in YouTube, here , a step-by-step video of the folding instructions. You must learn to do this without conscious thought.

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I think my most appreciative audience is elementary school students, who have to do their homework. Note where the corner touches the bottom edge. Refold the acute triangle on the sideflap. Butterfly from the field English Translation by Roberto Verzola. Sa ah sampung araw, weeder ipambubungkal. Magpanibago tayo ng lakas, para sa araw ng bukas.

So I decided to design my own. Paru-parong bukid na lilipad-lipad Sa tabi ng daan papaga-pagaspas Isang bara ang tapis Isang dangkal ang manggas Ang sayang de kola Isang piyesa ang sayad.

Sitsiritsit, ibro Traditional Filipino folk song. Keep practising, until you are confident you can keep your balance as long as possible on a slow-moving bike.

Or you can just click on the video below.

Repeat for the upper left corner: Inaamag na ka-nin, sa pulot patatamisin. Best of all, a bicycle keeps the rider fit and healthy. I like Python for several reasons: Hey, hey, butterfly English translation by Roberto Verzola Sitsiritsit, alibangbang Traditional Filipino folk song Hey, hey, butterfly beetle me, oh, beetle my. We will call the crease formed by kagtanim fold the bottom crease. Out of the 6,plus who accessed this blog over the twelve months since I started it, the most popular posts have been Bahay Kubo and other English translations of Filipino folk songsin a near dead-heat with the origami CD envelope I designed myself.

Bicycles do not only save the rider money and the country dollars.

Magtanim ay Di Biro sheet music for Piano download free in PDF or MIDI

Isang pinggang pansit, ang aking kalaban! Python is a programming language.

In terms of converting energy to motion, the book says, the bicycle is more efficient than a horse, fish, bird, mouse, car, helicopter, plane, jet, or any other animal or machine. By Roberto Verzola Tagged alibangbangEnglish translationfolk songphilippinessitsiritsit Comments 1. When you get to Malabon, trade him for some fishy paste. Pitong araw ang hintayin, I. They also reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

November 4, Start with 8.

Folk songs « Ecology, technology and social change

According to the book Human Scale by Kirkpatrick Sale, the most efficient form of mavtanim on earth is the bicycle. Blessed child of Pandacan.

You must learn to do this without conscious thought. Traditional Filipino folk song Leron, leron my love.

Magtanim ay Di Biro

May suklay pa mandin Uy! Keeping the pockets folded, refold the bottom crease, the shorter giro facing you and the cover flap on top standard position. Rice biscuits on a stall.

On the cover flap, note the degree diagonal crease, which actually extends though hidden into the sideflap inside the bir. By Roberto Verzola Comments 4.

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