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This is only one example for the intuitive and simple handling of sPlan. Of course the new version is full compatible with its predecessors sPlan 4. You can print a single page, a selection of pages or all pages of your project.

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You can even import and export pages to exchange them with other projects.

And while weighs less than 2 mega! With sPlan, you develop your scheme is simple.

You can easily move, rotate, shear or scale all elements on your schematic just with your mouse. The different forms can often be used as a construction aid. We Also Recommend FrontDesigner 3.

How to clean registry featured. You can copy the component list to the clipboard or you can even export the component list, so you can use the data in other programs like Word or Excel. The new version 7. Special spaln The special forms helps you to create often needed geometric figures like equilateral polygons, sine curves or tables. Be the first to review this product. You can select the printer, adjust the magnification, the position of the printout on the paper, and so on.

Even flul design of the dimensions are editable.

sPlan v7 - Circuit Schematic Design Software

One project - many pages A project can contain as many pages as you need. Form sheet The form sheet feature allows you to load editable forms to the background of your documents. Log in and rate. Features Symbol library fjll contains quite extensive libraries for various areas such as electronics, electrical engineering, hydraulics, etc. Of course the new version fully compatible with their predecessors sPlan 4.

Splna matter if you only want to sketch a little circuit diagram or if you need to design a big project with several pages.

The Viewer There is a free viewer-software available for sPlan. So you can get a logical numbering of your components, even if you have drawn your schematic in a very confused way. Spllan Viewer There is a free viewer-software available for sPlan.

The current version 7. You need a software to design your schematic circuit diagrams easy and fast?

Splan 6.0 software

If there is still a needed component missing, you can easily create this component and add it to the library. A free demo version of the new version 6. This allows you to assemble your personal library according to your wishes. Every component can get his index automatically. It doesn't matter, if the link is on the same page or on another page.

sPlan (free version) download for PC

You can place dimensions for distances, radii, diameters or angles. Even beginners will create perfectly designed circuit diagrams within minutes.

You can spoan and edit all files from these versions. Many special features like the automatic component numbering, the component-list function, the usage of variables, the component search or the linking-functions helps you to design your schematics.

New in Version 7. Highlights Extendable symbol library Individual page designs with form sheets Components list Automatic component numbering Convenient drawing tools.

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