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Thanks to me more strictly reading and following the documentation provided by Aichiya, I was able to unlock a lot more and more efficiently use and recycle data. Still want to copypasta for the walkthrough, or should I put up my personal guide instead…? I really need it to continue the game bcs i played the game on the edited header and i need to save the game aftter the elite four, and thus i need the code… ty in advance April 22, at Aichiya Sanae Hack of: It means exactly as it says.

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Also, is this happening to you?

And pray she misses. Nevermind, the lack of sleep is getting to me. I omitted most of the requirements to save myself time… so try to follow it in order.

September 19, at Since you're not actually talking to them, it'd be kinda strange if they stopped running so that you could hear them having fun, so it was more than likely intentional. As for the music, that may have been because of Aiichiya's fix for a different issue that arose with battle music going off under certain conditions.

Is it at all possible to breed ZBoneka to get the non-shiny states? Wotld 24, at What is Daishogi for? Which touhou can learn sweet scent?

Dude, this game is incredibly amazing!

Touhoumon Another World 1.51+ (Hack) GBA ROM

December 19, at Layla should be in that room after you use Strength. Extra Stuff Extra 1 This rom below is provided for anyone who has a problem playing in emulator other than VisualBoyAdvance i. Thomas on Touhou Puppet Play 1. Advent Form AXxxxx, example: Unfortunately, the IPS patcher that you bundled with the download seems to be glitched, and an non-glitched patcher views the patch as inappropriate. June 12, at Never hacked a ROM before, but been through some programming courses.

Touhoumon Another World | Aichiya Sanae's Net Word

September 22nd, 8: Another World Remix is a hack of a hack. Not like a walkthrough, but just a general idea of what you can do and stuff… i might have sequence broke as I did the bamboo forest right after i did vermillion, and went to youkai mountain the moment i got surf and found out you really need waterfall, lol.

June 27, at It needs a lot of editing to meet the Wiki standards though.

Oh, and LH, regarding Cirno and Mystia running around and not being locked when you talk to them, I considered changing this but in practice I get what Aichiya and possibly the original creator of Gensokyo Scenario was going for. Music's a big part of this hack and I don't want to limit it in any way, so I'll see if I can insert that and get this all fixed up.

Meeting Nitori as is right now, as wworld have not cleared the Gensokyo leauge yet she still only sells every TM in the game… which is awesome. It's nice to see someone that isn't myself working with Another World in an attempt to actually make it more accessible, and in a more competent way than I could ever do.

No account? No worries.

I've caught items turning into Kappas from time to time and it can get a little weird. Since it's implied that you're battling the Sisters themselves, anotber won't use their pre-evolved forms despite their level, which is part of the reason their levels have been lowered. Keep re-entering to worldd Alternate World until you reach Yogyakarta. Flamethrower is also strong enough to defeat Marisa with 1-hit. February 27, at Therefore, she made some puppets with decent intelligence and power to keep the library safe.

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