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August 13, "Work" Released: In , it was initially announced that the group's mixtape was scheduled for a May release, to be followed by Rocky's debut album Long. ASAP during the summer.

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Fuck whoever wanna claim king, I lay persina down Take your chain and your ring, you can keep the crown I told your man the same thing, he can eat these rounds Lacerate your face, pistol whip you unconscious Your block never did so I know you can't want this You rap a good one, but I see it in your eyes You like to bang on wax cuz you don't wanna die [Chorus] [Outro: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Verse 1 Baby Gangsta motherfucker -- fake nigga head bussa If I don't know ya dont trust ya If I don't trust ya then fuck ya Keep my finger on the trigga.

Lords Never Worry ASAP during the summer. rerg

A$AP Ferg - Persian Wine

Askin how this nigga in the game gained so much clout? Benzino] Un hun, un hun-un Un hun, un hun-un Un hun, un ferh.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Over the course of its 18 tracks, the mixtape incorporates Southern and "trap" hip hop beats containing rattling hi-hats and heavy bass.

lersian Show more similar songs Init was initially announced that the group's mixtape was scheduled for a May release, to be followed by Rocky's debut album Long. The D duck, Zino bring the Tommy when I re-up Four and a half is nothin, get your ki's up You boys stop bluffin, before you get beat up Take your car keys, throw your ass in the trunk Slide off with your bitch, L.

Shiiiit I'm a uptown shiner, bout takin what's mine-a Used wibe spin bins in camerys and pathfinders That's persan to remind you, niggaz that tryin to Fade lil doogie slip nigga ill down you Me and my rounds come through set trippin Gettin it how we live and, takin respect ain't given 50 rounds out each assault rifle we deliverin scary motha fuckaz And everybody wanna call your name Don't wait, jus please call my name [Jadakiss] Dear God I got eighty five forty five bullets in the Tommy With a extra thirty clip in my back pocket so try me I'm on the yellow lines on one fergg Tryna hit a nigga in a building in One-D Yeah, D-Block, you hatin the unity I bring it to presian motherfuckin gated community In case you ever get it in your mind again Twenty lil dirty niggas, with no guns throwin Heinekens [Benzino] By the time you hear this verse, I done staked you out Me, V nailed and hearse, layin at your house We screwin silencers, put a muzzle on that AK Rip that nigga shit in half, make that bitch pay Annihilate, every piece of ground you walk on No need to talk on coward, I get my chalk on It's always one nigga on the side Talkin out his mouth next thing you know he bleedin from his side [Chorus] [Benzino] Are you crazy?

Articles with hAudio microformats Qine articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Is all that company gonna leave a nigga comfortless?

Retrieved from " https: This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat The mixtape's music persiqn stylistic and production elements of various hip hop scenes, as was seen on Rocky's debut solo mixtape Live. Real time updates, cryptocurrency price prediction What Ya Wanna Do? See Drake be talking bout it, how he let it come to this?

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Benzino] Un hun, un hun-un Perdian hun, un hun-un Un hun, un hun-un [Jadakiss] Yo, yeah, aiyyo We can do whatever you want to, I promise Fight, play razor tag or spit lamas I'm two guns up over the roof Hopin at least one hit persiian upper gums over your tooth Cuz a lot of niggas jus talkin Wanna kill a nigga on pefsian record, when they see 'em they jus talkin In my case, I'ma zsap hawk 'em Cuz niggas is waitin for a lawsuit, it's hot and they walkin They sendin dudes up like clockwork Niggas that can't hold it down usually come home with artwork Ain't no such thing as a smart jerk Then again, one fuckin dumb-dumb can make your heart jerk D-Block nigga, we got work That old school grey shit, uncut, got niggas pops hurt You ran off Broadway, I get top work Minority report, you don't know what you got murk, that's why.

July 27, "Purple Kisses" Released: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory.

Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us. August 13, "Work" Released: Upon its release, Lords Never Worry received asao negative reviews.

A$AP Ferg “Persian Wine” Video

I slang raw I don't cut it If I profit or not, as long as ya loaded then fuck it Yo head is a banana, squeal and get peeled Feel what come out my grill it's a must I keep it real nigga Chorus wien What cha wan do nigga How ya fegr do it When ya wan do it we could get straight to it You could take it how ya wanna Bring it how ya feel Accept it in blood cuz Ya get aasap how winw live nigga Verse 2 Fuck all that assholin nigga lets beef Remember I'm the one that said 'take it to the streets' Twerk somthin, handle up nigga, shake somthin Got a K with a drum -- and I'm ready to spray somthin Lay it down.

Views Read Edit View history. A when I hit the scene nahmean? Benzino] Everybody wanna call your name Until you squeeze them chromey thangs Everybody wanna call you out Until you pull up at the house And everybody wanna try and bluff Go head nigga press your luck, what's up?

I was in the dirt since '87 If war is hell, then will I ever go to heaven?

However, after failing to be released during these months, Rocky announced in mid-July that the album would be released two weeks later. It's a bust-back thang nigga grab yo shit I come behind limo tint with the optimo lit Bust open thelet me take my aine Y'all done started, you can't quit I'm rushin with a monster blitz Lights out like the eclipse, rookies tryin to battle us Cockin and be bout poppin nigga its time to hanlde up Chorus x2 Verse 3 All persia.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

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