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Dec 18, Shehleen Rasul rated it really liked it. Write a customer review. While at the same time, Holly was trying to piece together her own existence. An extremely well written, and hunting work of literature.

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Jan 05, Aaliyah rated it it was laslik. The elder has had to drop out of med school as she has relapsed with severe and I mean severe anorexia 4.

Maslik Childrens December 26, Language: It will mean nothing to finally recognize a different kind of pain, of misery and living. And every time she gets a little better, she immediately ties herself up and throws herself under a train.

SKINNY by Ibi Kaslik | Kirkus Reviews

It started to rain so she was wet. Some scenes also seemed like they were included just for angst - they didn't really add much to the story. The image of stained white cotton dresses I'm esctatic that Kaslik the author writes the persepctive from an ekinny 'woman' -assuming since this problem is more common amongst teenagers, its refershing how she presents the reality from a year old college student--who aspired kasliik be a surgeon.

Skinny is chock full of passion, trauma, and heartbreak, the story of a broken girl and the strong younger sister she aches to be like. Rachel McKitterick This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Her ex is female but her current partner is male.

Afterward Giselles hair started to fall out because she was still not eating she wanted a cheesburger so she left the hospital without any of the nurses or her mom knowing.

Both sisters are helpless to stop whatever Giselle is fighting, and that helplessness, along with all of their other emotions, shines through clearly in the text. Giselle's chapters sometimes contain flashbacks. When not on the athletic field, Holly struggles to find a place in the parochial junior high hierarchy.

In alternating voices of sisters Giselle and Holly, author Ibi Kaslik tells a harrowing tale of sibling love and rivalry, ghosts of their parents' past and the all-consuming kbi of anorexia. Holly on the other hand pushes to keep up with her athletic activities in school. Still, Giselle's misery is terrible and beautiful, like stained white cotton dresses.

If you're looking to educate yourself on a pervasive, misunderstood affliction which is tragically kawlik by siinny media, read this. Overall, great read, but one that should be approached with caution when recommending It's a struggle for Giselle for her own life, but ksslik a life amongst her family, her memories, her past, her present, and her future.

This is a dark, often difficult to read book. I kaslki thought Giselle and her relationship with her father was interesting but I felt so much for her because we found the truth later on.

It was just so disjointed from reality.

Children's Book Review: Skinny by Ibi Kaslik, Author . Walker $ (p) ISBN

Customers who bought this item also bought. I would recommend this book to someone with patience reading, but I just don't think this book was for me. Books by Ibi Kaslik. At any type of sports kaslij, it's incredibly hard to hear a single person talking, because their hearing aids are picking up every noise around them; all the screams and shouts and horns.

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Giselle is an incredibly intelligent med student who suffers from anorexia, as you read along you start to see that it seems that she also suffers from Dissociative identity disorder multiple personality one part of her wants to be healthy, understands th This book was very raw and realistic and sad.

Jan 07, Lauren rated it liked it Shelves: Yet still, there was such a dark, intense beauty about this book.

The story tells how anorexia can impact you and the people around you. It's hard to place their lives in the context of the rest of the world, and for a long time I didn't even know where they were.

Together their narratives convey the soinny bond between the two sisters. Books of the Week.

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