From concept to model in minutes. The state of the art integrated text recognition module OCR supports next to latin also greek and kyrilic characters. Would you please take just a moment to tell us about your visit? Custom Commands can also be used for defining an individual workflow, such as:

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Intelligent automatic despeckling, hole filling and alignment deskew Manual cleanup: VPHybridCAD represents a line of five internationally awarded software solutions, with a success story of more than 18 years: VPHybridCAD combines the benefits of raster-to-vector scan conversion with intuitive hybrid editing and design of both raster and vector objects.

Applications may range from technical documents to cadastral maps. Provides accurate input e. Automatic search of symbols in legacy drawings and replacement by blocks or imported symbols from a library CAD blocks Recognized text strings associated with the symbol are assigned vphybridca attributes Blocks can be copied, rotated, scaled, or moved.

These may contain any graphical structures for repetitive use, such as machine parts, furnitures, electrical symbols, logos, etc. For additional color functions, calibration, vector-to-raster, batch processing, or drawing assembly see VPstudio or VPstudio mono.

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Editing and converting scanned technical drawings

See download area for a free RasterDWG driver! Edit both at the same time and increase your productivity. This unique feature guarantees easy distribution of hybrid drawings just one single file!

VPstudio - This is the ultimate top level software product for raster editing, hybrid processing, and vector conversion. Other Managers for controlling Line Types, Colors etc.

Folders can be defined to build up a symbol library even in a network with concurrent user access. With stunning tools and functions, VPHybridCAD software not only improves the quality of your scans, but it also provides a direct and intelligent access to control the content of your scanned drawings.

A must for GIS applications, where precise alignment and scale to reference points is required. We know that no matter vphybrdcad easy software is to use, sometimes you have a question about it.

VPHybridCAD - Vectorization, Raster editing, Color Edit,

RasterDWG guarantees safe sharing of hybrid drawings internally, among collaboration partners, in a network environment, or across the Internet.

Access to symbols is easy and supported by thumbnail display, descriptions, and drag'n drop handling. Back Symbol Recognition, Block Management: Even colored and grayscale drawings can be processed to secure pervasive workflows: Multiple snap options to vector objects are CAD standard.

They may also be vphybridxad into their separate entities Back Redlining: Automatic tracing even across intersections and gaps Automatic elevation assignment for contours 3D Automatic deletion of traced raster structures Back Auto-Vectorization, OCR: Back Intelligent Object Snap: Unique "Combine-to" tool to "repair" raster and text fragments to enties Easy trimming or extending of lines at corners and intersections Automatic sequential text review, incl.

The state of the art integrated text recognition module OCR supports next to latin also greek and kyrilic characters.

Another professional hybrid design feature: Also, Custom Command buttons can be designed individually. Scan - Clean - Vectorize - Exportby just pressing the keys 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Easy Merge positioning by interactive graphical guidance.

Optional an additional license for the 4 asian writings kanji, korean, and traditional and simplified chinese is available. One Product — Two Installation Platforms: Even colored and gray scale drawings can be processed to optimize your workflows: This helpful option eliminates broken image file links often associated with AutoCAD drawings and belonging image data.

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