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Audience numbers range widely depending on the scale of the promotional efforts and the design of the screenmate. Customize the text he speaks if you please. Transform your desktop into a playground for you and different 3D animated characters you can inte A terminator head that sits on your desktop with watchful eyes.

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Internationally, more than 2 million puppies have been downloaded. A little cat that chases after your cursor, scratches, yawns, and falls asleep.

It is also common to build a character behavior controller page into the application, and this is particularly important for snimal that are occasionally updated with new animated behaviors. A lightweight and portable application that helps users animate their desktop activity by placing The best screen mates anywhere!

However, if all you want is a desktop companion while working on your PC, you may find the perfect one in the list below. The user can usually right-click on the screenmate to select behaviors from a pop-up menu, which would also include the ability to hide the character.

Abimal goofy anime cowgirl that does a little song and dance.

Disney Screenmates | Cute Kawaii Resources

Virtual cats for your desktop. In the beginning, they were simple and amusing, windowless animated animql that acted out a short scene right on the user's desktop, but they soon evolved into characters that stayed on the desktop and interacted with desktop elements and with the user.

And takes a leak on your desktop. If you get your rocks off by cluttering your desktop with a bunch of stupid eyes then this is the file for you! A desktop pal that's more than willing to animak a cap in your ass. A note from Executive Editor Gretchen Hyman: In the case of "Family Guy," Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has built several versions of desktop applications that include screenmate characters.

The original program Neko is a cross-platform open-source animated cursor-chasing cat screenmate application. Interactive sheep for your desktop! I feel they could improve the program. Makes weird noises too.

Desktop Screenmates Apps and Alternatives

Includes the japanese wav soundtrack. The Stewie character screenmate has been particularly popular and has even been adapted for the Zumobi mobile platform. Due to screen redrawing, and the necessity for supporting older systems, character size and complexity has to be controlled. Nothing to do with the adventures of Timon and Pumba.

Customize the text dcreenmates speaks if you please. Perhaps you should introduce them to some animated oranges.

A penguin in a window that follows your cursor. It says things and you can change it's mood! A bunny that drops from the top of your screen then hops, scratches, and looks around. The Pillsbury Doughboy danced on the desktop as a part of the Pillsbury Desktop Doughboy recipe collector. A penguin that walks, spins, tumbles, jumps rope, flops around, gets dizzy, falls down, and seemingly threatens a seal and flips him the bird although it's probably just wishful thinking on our part!

Transform your desktop into a playground for you and different 3D animated characters you can inte In this application, the screenmates are themselves a type of updatable content, with new screenmates being added to the application over time. Today, screenmate animations are often used to incorporate a fun, avatar-like element into complex, authenticated, multi-feed branded desktop applications. Choose a Screen Mate Category: Consumer brands were also early developers of screenmates for brand such as Reebok, Kangol, Kraft, Twinings, Coke and Lipton.

Desktop Screenmates Apps and Alternatives. I like the little animal ones, and these are people, mostly.

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