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The free version has a lot of features. Do I have to download MotoPress as a Zip file or something? MotoPress Team is working on the affiliate program right now, you will be able to take its advantages in a short period of time. Thank you for being with MotoPress.

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Added the ability to use shortcodes in Members Content widget. If you need the plugin to create the appearance of your webpage, you can download the Layout Editor absolutely for free, but it will work only with themes made specially for this plugin.

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Hi, Thank you for your question. Once you are done with the content customization, you can publish it instantly or save editir leaving the builder.

MotoPress Content Editor 3. Added the ability to filter custom taxonomy in Post Grid widget.

MotoPress Content Editor 3.0: What’s New?

Ability to style rows and columns. Added the ability to show caption of the image in Image widget. More options for the Templates Library will be released in the next updates. Improved compatibility with MooTools framework.

Hi, congrats to the new version.

Hi, we recommend to follow this URL to get information about the difference between these two products https: You must create firstly content with MotoPress in order to edit it.

If you know css-class your widget uses for stylization then you can past this class in the Style field of the Style tab Let me know if I should explain anything more.

I tested out this plugin after receiving a Mighty Deals conetnt and the minute I saw it in action. By Michael Reiff on April 4, at 2: You can also renew whole bundle license or each product license separately when you need this.

New version just released is Great!! New Button Group widget. Do I have to download MotoPress as a Zip file or something? Added new controls for better user interface.

Added the ability to set Instagram link in Social Buttons widget. Managing rows, you can now add extra rows above the already added rows and columns or inside them. Thank you for using MotoPress! No Problems at all.

By Richard Fieldhouse on March 16, at By Peter Lobban on October 11, at 7: Thank you in advance for your anticipated help. Automated "Balance payment request" emails for Hotel Booking plugin.

Just what the WordPress community needed.

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Hi, I bought motopress a few days ago. Hello Briseida, You conyent submit a request here. New widget Social buttons added. I really need this fixed or the problem solved asap.

License agreement for your plugin. Is there a list I can see?

The free version has a lot of features.

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