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You can add or delete IDs at any time.

Trusted Online Captcha Work: Free Software

Also, there is no reply for my earlier mail. Neha Malik November 24, at 3: How much you will pay me? It's slow working on the website direcly, but we can use QlinkGroup software to speed.

Anonymous July 25, at You can use the traffic exchange for free, so there's no reason not to try this one out! Kolo Software 4 in 1. Anonymous July 15, at 8: Afzal Sattar October 28, at Neha Malik July 16, at 6: Neha Malik July 17, at 9: I can't resolve this issue because I am not admin of this software I am just a blogger.

Blogger December 4, at BBMprice October 29, at From time to time, we will be changing your hourly rates without any notification.

You will no longer have to maintain excel sheet for calculation.

Since now you have hourly rate and your operators are now able to view their rate once you. Sargeel Mehmood January 11, at 9: Softward, I am a new member of weiwei, I have D successfully but I am not able to workthe status is showing as waiting and after a while it says your country can't qkink to the server try Hongkong Server or try proxy provided by the software, I have tried everything but nothing seems to be working.

QlinkGroup Software

Irfan Ansari October 3, at 2: So i can id into this software without registering through it. If they do not meet the minimum quota limit, they will not be paid. This is right place of getting Qlinkgroup supervisor account. Afzal Sattar July 29, at Any Operator Candidate account approved but not used within 72 hours will be removed. Kindly let me know how to do it.

Kindly suggest me a software. Hai Dear sir, i have registered admin panel Qlink option Bubu software For qlink work. Paysheet will be processed every week qink Friday. Once the commission rate is setup, your team members will be able to view their pay rate. I wanna start this work will you tell me how can I buy softwares and authorised id's Your supervisor rate at Kindly send link address.

I want to work on qlinkgroup server with third party software. Free Download Megatypers Software.

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