Akuji the demon

Though the player never quite gets used to the awkward controls, the game can be cleared in an hour or so with determination. C isn't even necessary, as it acts like a Start-button on a console. Topics Windows games , Vintage computer games , Action games. The graphics hearken back to the good ol' days, when they had to be engaging without blasting your eyeballs through your head with ridiculous amounts of bloom, particle effects, and 3D.

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C isn't even necessary, as it acts like a Start-button on a console. All you need are the cursor keys and Z, Aiuji and C. Have you ever wondered why, at the end of games, evil is never destroyed, but always gets sealed up? Please login or register.

Akuji The Demon – Even the demon must be cute

Besides, the game supports gamepad operation. There're the nine balls with extra powers, scattered all over the place, which you'll need akujk collect if you want to get further in the game.

I installed the english patch but still the error I get right at the beggining is written in gibberish. You take the role of Akuji and have to find the nine stones that were hidden somewhere in the Lost Underground to get your power back and have your revenge on the brave knight The solution to those is a program called AppLocale, which runs properly but does not install properly in Windows 7 i.

Denon just did and I'm about to try it again. Akuji has been an evil demon for centuries and brought pain and deaths to mankind. Whenever you feel like playing a game, but don't want to spend entire days on one, or don't want too much gore or brainwork, Akuji's the perfect choice. Along with these, there are red and jalapeno peppers.

This revenge is what this game akuni all about. Though the player never quite gets used to auji awkward controls, the game can be cleared in an hour or so with determination. Log In Sign Up. Akuji the Demon is an action packed platformer that has clearly been influenced by games like Castlevania. Below your HP is an indicator that says how many such stones you've collected and how many are needed for the next extra HP.

This is done by collecting enough mana stones.

The rest of the gameplay uses combinations. Recommend high-quality, practical, portable freeware, free game, free eBook, and more. Silver stones will increase this indicator by one, while gold ones increase it by ten. At the beginning of a new game, you'll be able to pass a special door if you're rank S or SS. Akuji the Demon is a doujin action platformer by E.

If you're not happy with these keys, you even tge the possibility to reconfigure them to your liking.

You play as the demon Akuji, who had been terrorizing a land until a hero defeated him, sealed him away and divided his demonic powers into nine balls. Powered by SMF 1. But as I forced myself to overcome the initial urge to hit 'esc', and the obnoxious lack of legible text, I found that the little pink demon had a bit more in store for me than I had first been led to believe. This article along with all titles and tags are the original content of AppNee. Uploaded by Swizzley on January 27, There are some bonus galleries to find and unlock undoubtedly a positive, since art direction is one of the only things Buster has a grasp ofbut little motivation to suffer through the dungeon ever again.

Despite having to acquire abilities to open up paths, the game follows a fairly linear path. Otherwise, you may receive a variety of copyright complaints and have to deal with them by yourself. Some parts are just annoying but others make you think.

Akuji the Demon Review for PC: Akuji the Broken - GameFAQs

They also provide constant variation, so you'll never get bored of your surroundings. Like mario, or other tipes of games of platform, Akuji the demon is an intesresting game.

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