Fekky brandy and coke

Yeah because the game changes. Do you think as you become more successful it becomes more difficult to set new goals? Read our exclusive interview with Fekky here.

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Do you think as you become more successful it becomes more difficult to set new goals? Diddy can do that. Yeah because the game changes. I was saying this to Skepta the other day you know. I would always go to Marbella every year and go to all these mad holiday islands and spend lost of money or whatever. Keeping things simple, clke just see Fekky hanging out and having fun with a bunch of girls who you might recognise!


Listen: Fekky Posts 'Brandy & Coke' Mixtape | News | Clash Magazine

So exactly how you think you want to do things, sometimes you might have to replan and rethink, do you know what I mean. Ride out the rest of with a ahd bu bang!

I feel like when Brajdy leave the country my mind feels open to writing. What does success look like to you? How does writing in different places affect you?

I was on the road, Paris, I shot the videos in Paris, I was actually recording the songs and shooting the videos in Paris. Exactly what I wanted it to be. Do you know what I mean? For me I just say everyone, we can sit here and say Jay-Z is fskky. While he works on ensuring that his forthcoming debut album, El Clasicolives up to its cekky, Fekky decided that it was necessary to take some time out to feed the streets.

Read our exclusive interview with Fekky here. What was the thinking behind putting such a high quality mixtape out when you have an album on the way?

We can say it because we know. End of the day, when I shot that video those were things I was brandt. Is it when I get to a million pounds, or two million?

‎Brandy & Coke by Fekky on Apple Music

Read our recent interview with Fekky here. So I think I just woke up on a mad one. So I thought, lets give it to them before Christmas, but it done much better than I expected which was good.

For some reason, the minute I jump on a plane I feel like my mind clears. I know my capabilities, I know that I could easily knock out these things a lot.

So I just feel like when I get there it will be fully, fully, public knowledge.

Everything he touches turns to gold, or at least gets 10, fans packed into a festival tent chanting along — which in this day and age is the next best thing.

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