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Other social networking scripts also offer theme and plugin system, but that of phpDolphin's have been tested fairly well. All code MIT license. Nobody is looking to compete with Facebook or Twitter, rather they are looking to have a social networking website for a specific community. WoWonder requires PHP 5.

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SocialEnginePHP v/s phpDolphin: Which Platform Should You Choose To Make A Social Network?

Special Features in phpDolphin phpDolphin has a theme and plugin system. He may install the script on your server for no extra charge. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Additionally, you can have a customized activity feed, private messaging, anti-spam features, browse and search capability activated on your network.

The author of this script has regularly updated the script and removed bugs, all over the years. Themes SocialEnginePHP offers many kinds of themes including responsive theme and themes based on popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

3 PHP Scripts that Can Help You to Have Your Own Social Networking Website

Dreamhost provides a free SSL certificate, and also a free domain if you go for an annual plan. Any basic hosting service will fulfill all requirements of Sngine.

Through the theme system you can change the website design by uploading a new theme. Its average rating is 4. WoWonder has more features. All code MIT license. WoWonder supports some extra features like Dislike button, adding replies to comments, sending files in private messages, playing flash games.

Themed included 3 PHP social networking scripts in this article - the 3 best ones I could find on CodeCanyon marketplace.

WoWonder is again a Facebook phpdoplhin social networking script. Features SocialEnginePHP provides a host of features that ph;dolphin great flexibility in terms of the kind of social network that you want to build. Available API hooks yhemes been steadily increased over time. There are lot more features in phpDolphin.

Sngine is also a Facebook like social networking script. Common Social Networking Features in phpDolphin phpDolphin has most of the features that you can expect in a standard social networking site, including: On the other hand, phpDolphin offers four themes as of now, including two themes that are based on Google Plus, and Facebook.

For instance, you can choose to allow Facebook style two way friendships or Twitter-like one way followers, or even have members join by invitation on your social network. It is useless to develop a social networking from scratch. Sngine requires PHP 5.

Themes - phpSocial

Infrastructure A social network built on SocialEnginePHP requires a Virtual Private Server or a dedicated server for hosting while a social network built on phpDolphin can work fine with a shared hosting solution, which is a cheaper hosting solution than the VPS and dedicated hosting solutions. Themes and plugins have been released both by the original author, and some 3rd party developers. It also contains links to live demos of both the frontend and admin section.

You can also contact the developers for some support, which can be really helpful.

Comes with default 6-month Support, which can be extended During the support period, you can contact the developer to answer questions about the script, get assistance with bugs and 3rd party tools. API Hooks have been provided, just like in Wordpress.

However if you are stuck during installation, the author will definitely help you. Social Engine India always loves to talk to its clients and potential customers.

Quite a no of times, some sections of code have been completely re-written.

3 PHP Scripts that Can Help You to Have Your Own Social Networking Website

Through the admin panel, you can manage registrations, users, groups, website configuration, website themes, see reports, translations etc. However if you are stuck during installation, you can ask the author for help. Any basic hosting phpdolphhin will fulfill all requirements. However enabling video calls will require a SSL certificate.

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