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With the MobileShell server installation complete, you have a few configuration tasks that you need to perform to set up PowerPacks Step 2: I need to shout out a special thanks to Glenn Sizemore, Chris Piper and Thomy Kay for their feedback — it was particularly helpful! Can you verify something for me? We will be running the second beta for a short period while we work on finishing up this release. Now you can simply select Debug Reset Runspace , and your environment will be reset without having to close and re-open the product.

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The same week that I was given a performance raise I got that email on Mondaythis afternoon I got a phone call from the director over my business unit letting me know that my position has been cut effective immediately. Snippet support in PowerGUI has always been best-in-class, but in this release they get even better!

We automatically load PowerPack requirements now when a PowerPack is loaded. How is this possible?

PowerGUI® Pro and PowerGUI® are now available – Poshoholic

This limitation is intentional because we really want to encourage the freeware community to leave the usage data collection on. You ask some great questions, and the answers I have are below. In PowerGUI, when you load any module that has a snippets subfolder as a child of the module base folder, those snippets will immediately become available in the PowerGUI Script Editor.

Improved Version Control Support Pro-only We spent some time in this release sprucing up our version control support. Thank you for your time. Note that it may take several minutes before MobileShell checks the group powergu to see if there are new users in the group, so you may need to wait before newly added users can log in to MobileShell. The handling of Admin Console actions was improved a powdrgui in this release.

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Improved snippets hierarchy Several users indicated that some of our snippets were hard to find. Shared Scripts in the PowerGUI Admin Console allow you to define functions that you want to have pr to in more than one location in a shared script file.

Of course, if you already have either PowerGUI Pro or PowerGUI freeware, both of these will auto-update to the new version automatically when the auto-update system detects the new version is available. Repeat this for each user account you want to provide access to.

Administering systems and managing network components locally and remotely are specialized tasks better left in the hands of professionals who certainly have the appropriate tools for doing a good job.

I still have a strong affinity for PowerGUI and a lot of my heart and soul has gone into this product, and this feature is just a small example of pri effort.

This has now been changed so that shared scripts are now loaded from regular nodes and actions, allowing you to keep all of your PowerPack functions in one location and then create regular nodes and actions using those functions.

How can I get it? This utility includes not only an administrative interface for PowerShell, but also a script editor that makes it possible to create and manage PowerShell files, scripts, modules and data files.

Placing tested and approved scripts into production is critical.

I hope this makes sense. Snapins that are installed on your system. Is a cloud system — so someone hosts that for you and can get to your files from anywhere, It is free for up to 25 MB — and 25 MB is a lot of PowerShell scripts! He provides pretty detailed information on what each of them actually means so it should help you figure out whether you want to download the trial of the Pro version which I obviously highly recommend or stick to the free version by the way, they can run side-by-side.

Hopefully this will help get you up and running with the new MobileShell UI in your test environment. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Customizable Start Page some Pro-only functionality Completely new to this release, we have created a customizable Start Page that appears when you launch the Script Editor or the Admin Console. Please opt-in for this usage data collection so that we can make the product even better going forward.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. PowerGUI Pro has always supported integrated version control. Thank you for your continued support through the past four years. Previous Post vWorkspace PowerPack: If you have any questions about this process, please let me know. This is useful, however until now shared scripts would only load when you clicked on a script node or script action.

Now I can add files to Subversion, check out, check in, and so on by using the Version Control menu in the editor:.

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