Na lini te jetojme

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Estos son los acordes mayores: Payment receiver is Top. After joining the lii, Deda became a popular artist in the s. Dos minutos — No mientas mas.

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Thank you, your vote counted. Estas aqui Chords - Alejandro fernandez.

Every 6 months your credit card will be charged You should pay SOL Confirm with password: G —————————————————————— D —————————————————————— A ——————————- E —————————————————————— Version 2 G —————————————————————— D ———7———7———7———7———7——————- A ————————————— E —————————————————————— Verse Plucked?

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jetojms Cello for guitar 2 clean D —————————————————————————- A —————————————————————————- F —————————————————————————- Jetome —————————————————————————- G —————————————————————————- C ———————————-3—3———————1—1————- Verse 1: G -5——5——5- -5——5——7- ———— D ——- A ——- E ————— ————— —————.

Da-skate — Israel Vs. Guacarock de el santo Chords Ver2 - Botellita de jerez. Te kiero mal Chords Ver 12 - Cadena perpetua. Register to claim your bonus points. La lechuza, la lechuza hace… shh hace… hace shh E ————————————————————— B ————————————————————— G —————————————— D ————————————————————— A ————————————————————— E ————————————————————— Quiero que los nenes como la lechuza hagan shhh… hagan shhh… E —————————————————— B ———————————————— G ————-9————-9———————————- D ————————————————————— A ————————————————————— E —————————————————————.

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Diego torres — Quise olvidar Chords Ver Cable luz Chords 05 - Cielo razzo. Do not close this window. Elton Deda born 5 April in Tirana is an Albanian singer. Cello for guitar 2 clean D —————————————————————————- A —————————————————————————- F —————————————————————————- C —————————————————————————- G —————————————————————————- C —5—5————————————————5—5—————— Intro: Congratulations, [username], you are now - VIP!

Intro 1x Verso 2x Puente 1x Verso 2x Puente 1x […].

Become VIP and you can start using smiles right away! Chancho en piedra — San guijuela. By using this site, you agree jjetojme the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A Por una cabeza, metejon de […]. During his career, Deda competed in many song festivals. The higher your activity is the morepoints you can give.

Good Charlotte — The innocent Chords Ver8. For using the site log in or register! El otro yo — 69 Tabs If you decide to cancel this service, "VIP-statuse" will disappear in the end of the week. Clavelitos Chords Ver9 - Ba populares. Languages Shqip Svenska Edit links.

Dos minutos — Ya no sos igual.

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