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Please contact g wiescher-design. All users must belong to the same company or household purchasing the font. For starters, consider fonts which have the same X height and M width this way your text block won't vary to much in actual size. You may transfer the original software to another party provided All materials, including back-up copies are transferred and that the recipient agrees to the licensing terms and conditions contained in this agreement, and all copies are removed from the originating end user's your devices.

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If these terms are not agreed to and respected P22 reserves the right to revoke Grant of License. Colossalis, "Times New Roman",Georgia, serif; - and how do you know which generic family they fall into - ex. Other uses designated as professional or commercial may require additional licensing.

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colosszlis You agree to indemnify and hold P22 harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, and costs including attorney's fees, arising out of your breach of this agreement or promises you made. Unauthorized copying of the Product even if modified, merged, or included with other software, or of the written materials, is expressly forbidden.

If P22 fonts can be extracted, edited and therefore transferred in any way, an additional license is required to account for each recipient of the document and font file s 5. What I was looking for is how do you know which fonts to include in the font family - for instance if I want to use the font Colossalis how do I know which other fonts to include in the stack for instance font-family: All disputes between P22 and the end user whether or not arising hereunder shall be conducted within the courts and jurisdiction of Erie County, New York.

By default the 'font-family: This agreement is governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.

A signed affidavit may be required to receive a refund. All users must belong to the same company or household purchasing the font.

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You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the licensed font itself without Wiescher-Designs' prior written consent. Purchasing a license for any P22 font or font distributed by P22 International House of Fonts, Sherwood Collection and other via download, or e-mail, constitutes an agreement between P22 type foundry, Inc P22 and the end user of the enclosed typefaces software that the terms and conditions of this contract will be followed.

A laptop may be one of the devices in the basic license of 5 devices as long as the laptop is associated primarily with the licensed location. At the option of P22, colosealis may be updated versions of the software which will be offered to registered users. Platform refers to operating systems designated as 'Macintosh', 'Windows' or other.

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In the event of termination of this agreement, The Licensee agrees to destroy all copies of The Software at any and all of the locations described above. You may not provide the font or make it accessible to any other third parties.

Third partiesYou may provide the font to a graphic designer, printer or other service bureau that is working on your behalf only if they agree to use the font exclusively for your work, agree to the terms of this license, and retain no copies of collssalis font on completion of the work.

Colossalis BQ Font Coloasalis. You may not embed the licensed fonts into software or hardware products in which the fonts will be used by the purchasers of such products.


Copyright c Typodermic Fonts Inc. Trademark weknow Trademark of http: You just use whatever system fonts are similar with the one you re using.

This Agreement, in conjunction with the receipt that accompanies each purchase from Wiescher-Design, constitutes the complete agreement between you and Wiescher-Design. This Agreement will terminate automatically without notice from Wiescher-Design if you colossali to comply with any provision contained herein.

A royalty based Commercial license is required when P22 font software is used to create a product sold for profit. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Product tont upon you. If downloaded or received by e-mail, all files must be deleted. All rights reserved worldwide. Wiescher-Design does not warrant that the functions contained in the Product will meet your requirements or that fknt operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error free.

For an additional fee, The Licensee may use font-face or similar embedding technologies to make The Software accessible to third parties, so long as The Software may only be viewed and printed by those fong parties--i. Colossalis - the only one colossaljs that font will be you, if you have it installed on your system. You may have other rights, which vary from state to state.

The Licensee agrees not to redistribute The Software by any means except to its printers, output bureaus, design agencies, and the like, so long as The Software is reserved only and expressly for The Licensee's own use.

If the first font is not on the list, it will look for the next family listed.

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