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According to guitarist Carl Snow in an interview in , the remainder were given to Jello Biafra when the band opened for the Dead Kennedys in Atlanta , and were subsequently lost. On the 6th of May , Allen Cudal died from a car accident. Greyhoundz - Bonfires and Sand Castles.

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Koro were a short-lived hardcore punk band from KnoxvilleTennessee.

Greyhoundz - Your Puppet and C. Taking You High feat. Greyhoundz - Your Puppet and Clown.

Gloc 9, Otso Queso, Francis M. Greyhoundz - Dragon Flies. Despite the tragic event and as a sign of respect for their late band mate, the group now performs as a 4-piece band instead of hiring a new member.

Your Puppet And Clovin. A Tribe Called Quest.

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Taking U High feat. Groovin With Ya Pot. Greyhoundz - Buhay Coke. Gloc 9, Francis M.

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Taking You High [ft. Gloc 9, Francis Magalona.

Slapshock, Zoom - Taking U High. Greyhoundz - Party At Greyhoundz - Taking you High. Bonefire and Sand Castle. Sorry State Records re-released the 7" in grdyhoundz original format with audio remastering in Greyhoundz - Bonfires and Sand. Greyhoundz - Doble Kara. They later recruited Reg Rubio, who was from another band that also played at Club Dredd and TJ Brillantes came on board shortly after.

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The band split up in Your Puppet And Clown. Greyhoundz was formed in '97 by the avenido cousins just wanting to join a local battle of the bands contest. Ang Bagong Ako ft.

Taking you high ft. Greyhoundz - Alak Pa. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia - https: Top Tracks Top Artists. Gloc 9, Otso Queso, Francis m. Taking you High feat. Buhay Coke, Buksan Mo. Groovin' With Ya Pot. Your Puppet Greyoundz Your Clown. On the 6th of MayAllen Cudal died from a car accident.

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