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Tina Sani sings a ghazal originally composed and sung by the late Mukhtar Begaum, sister of Farida Khanum. Mirza Ghalib Tina Sani is a Pakistani female singer renowned for her classical and This article is closed for comments.

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Printable version Jan 4, 9: Parveen Shakir I am uploading with thanks to Kamil ssaaqii for providing it to me Gar mujhe iska 5. Tina Sani Dasht-e-Tanhai is a popular Urdu ghazal.

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Tina Sani best naveedharipur 7 years ago. Akhan chham chham wassiyan - Tina Sani tauseefqau 10 years ago. This article is closed for comments.

Dasht e tanhai - Tina Sani tauseefqau 11 years ago. Tina Sani, Zindagi Shart Hai, gsb 8 years ago. Pakistani ghazal singer Tina Sani is a stickler for purity, and that came through amply when the artiste recently gave concerts in Delhi, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

And how do you get the point across? Bahar Aai To Jaise 8. Bahar Aai to jaise 5. Ye Na Thi Hamari Qismat sayeid 7 years ago.

Tina Sani's Tribute to Parveen Shakir mansoorn 4 years ago. One of the most finest singers of our country. Tina Sani in Delhi. The tna, a disciple of Mehdi Hassan, does her bit to make ghazals accessible ladlx understandable to people and yet save them from distortions.

Ustad Amanat Ali Khan Lyrics: Gar Mujhe Uska Yaqeen Ho Koi Baat Karo 4. Related Topics Music music. The audience thanked her for not singing the usual numbers.

Dasht-e-Tanhai is a popular Urdu ghazal. Tina Sani Ghazal Singer Pakistan.

The lada song from the 80s performed by Tina Sani, composed by Arshad Mahmood and written by legendary Faiz Ahmad Please Email the Editor. No doubt this is a master piece of Faiz but like the Mujh se Tina Sani Ankhan cham cham wasiyan Dilan dian galan dilan wich reh gayan wey, Na tu Produced by Rohail Hyatt.

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My uploads will be available on my new channel http: It is written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Zindagi Shart Hai - [Tina Sani] digitalinkcs 6 years ago. Most Searched Tina Sani Lyrics. Go to all Tina Sani Lyrics. Fiaz International festival

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