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I can't even use half of the players that I grinded for. But then again it should never take your game 10 fucking minutes to load, then you go into a game, then in the game it tells you that you need to go back to the menu to update. I also play nba games mostly for the offline mycareer, and I like how theirs plays out a lot more than 2k's. At the end of the season, we would use that money to buy some workout supplements to split.

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The same shit every year, broke, trying to squad with my friends, broke, walk on pro am, broke, actually pro am, broke, park, broke. Can't make my guy look like me anymore in myplayer, etc.

I wont be buying 2k19 unless they update All Star Team Up already.

If you go look at The Walking Dead's subreddit you'll see literally hundreds of people complaining about the state of the show, and how many of them crackk now boycotting it I still play it though hehe.

It's like the game went back to 2k8 or something. But they don't have a litany of mocapping and animation libraries like 2K. People don't go into World of Warcraft and then bitch because end-game raids aren't available at Level 10, they level their character I like the 2k engine. Activision makes EA look like Mother Teresa. Starting people higher to make park more accessible out the gate would make MyCareer weird. If you buy 2k19 you won't know if they got their act together or not before buying.

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Lately with 2k, the mode has been called "MyCareer", but is it really MY career? It is the best hoops game bar none. Have you tried running as an athletic 6'11 PF? One of the best years of my life was when a buddy of cradk started dating a woman who lived in a house 1 block from my condo.

I feel like with 2k13 they were so close, all they had to do was fix the new bugs. It not as rewarding as it could be, but there's still challenges to take on crafk you choose to. Then the dev blogs, then the Youtube propaganda. Because that would just be amazing, right? Andrew Taylor At Rest. He picked the Dallas Mavericks and I picked my Orlando Magic and we did a fantasy draft to get our teams together.

Pure Leaf Extra Sweet iced tea. Everyone else who plays other games understands how good companies like Naughtydog can be to their crakc. They finally make a career where experienced and talented players don't have maxed out players by the end of the first season, and everyone wants to ruin it because they are too lazy to actually play the game.

UK nba 2k8 delay

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. With all the backlash I'm willing to bet these companies are going to go with subscription based games sooner rather than later.

I just buy it on Black Friday for 30 bucks. Then had decidedly noped on 2k But you know what we did today?

A copypasta just brewing with potential. Even if it's a simulation. All the money would go into a jug. Last year was maybe too easy but this year maybe too much. Diet Coke Plus Plus Plus: I've played 17 and 18 though albeit on a friend's console.

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