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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is a collection of printers' ornaments and dingbats. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sabon typeface.

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It is effectively a Garamond revival, though a different name was chosen as many other modern typefaces already carry this name.

Sabon was also used as the typeface in the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church United Statesas well as all of that church's secondary liturgical texts such as the Book of Occasional Services and Lesser Feasts and Fasts. All books of the King James biblical text were set by hand in a process called thought-unit typography, where Thompson broke the lines at their spoken syntactical breaks.

Retrieved 30 June In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is a version of Sabon optimized for screen use, savon by Steve Matteson. The italic and bold styles were to take up exactly as much space as the roman, a feature imposed by the duplexing system of Linotype hot metal typesetting machines of the period.

Sabon - Wikipedia

The First Harmonised Type". Views Read Edit View typfeace. Sabon was used in the s as the official logo typeface of Stanford University until It is a collection of printers' ornaments and dingbats. Sabon was developed typefac the early s for a group of German printers who sought a "harmonized" or uniform font that would look the same whether set by hand or on a Monotype or Linotype hot metal typesetting machine.

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A variety of digital releases of Sabon exist with different prices and licensing, sold by both Adobe and Linotype. Unlike in the original Sabon, Porchez rejected the approach of a matching-width italic for a more traditional design, narrower than the roman style, and chose to take advantage of digital typesetting technology to include a wide 'f' in the sixteenth-century style.

Dates are approximate only. Photina News Plantin Calvert Tschichold had become more interested in classical book design as his career progressed, and Sabon is a relatively faithful, organic book typeface strongly rooted in tradition. Sabon tyeface an old-style serif typeface designed by the German-born typographer and designer Jan Tschichold — in the period — Retrieved 19 April Typefaces for High-Quality e-Reading Experiences.

A modernistafter the war, from tohe played a hugely significant role in British book design, creating a unified, sbon and inexpensive layout design for Penguin Booksa publisher which specialised in issuing cheap paperbacks.

Archived copy as title link. Not all typefaces shown. Steve Matteson from Monotype".

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Nimrod Arial Footlight Calisto Cantoria. The requirement that all weights have the same width was influenced by the 'duplex' system of lead casting on the Linotype system: Retrieved 13 December In his early life, he had lived in Leipzig and in the s had devised a "universal alphabet" for Germanimproving its non-phonetic spellings and promoting the replacement of the jumble of fonts with a simple sans serif. It also meant that the typeface then only required one set of copyfitting data rather than three when compositors had to estimate the length of a text prior to actual typesetting a common practice before computer-assisted typesetting.

This page was last edited on 19 Mayat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A classic typeface for body text, Sabon's longstanding popularity has transcended its origin as a commission to fit a tight set of business requirements. The family includes 4 fonts in 2 weights regular, boldwith complementary italics.

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