Etabs 9.7.3

I wish you all the best. Simple steps for design of FPS type bearing have been represented in flowchart. So I have decided to make underground water tank base slab as a footing for column.

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The storey drift is the displacement of one level relative to 0 the other level above or below.

By Diwash Panta Started December 30, Click here to sign up. But I need help about the elevator loading. The structure can be decoupled from the horizontal components of the ground motion by interposing structural elements with low horizontal stiffness between the foundation and superstructure [1].

The conference website can be visited at http: In the present study we considered the friction pendulum effective when applied to high stiffness, low-rise buildings, bearings.

Seismic Analysis on Sloping Ground. You might have to run a static analysis first to note the base shear and then run a response spectrum if code requires. Remember me on this computer. It would be better if you share your CV with your friends or even me as we are helping each other over here on this platform, I will let you know if there is a good opportunity. What can be etabe error?

So I have decided to make underground water tank etabe slab as a footing for column.

Salman Started December 25, eatbs Lateral Storey The figures 8, 9, 10, 11 shows the graph draw between Displacements for Zone 2 storey versus maximum storey displacement The fixed base infill structure is have more stiffness and it is having minor displacement at the top, the 97.3 is gradually decreases storey to storey and finally at the base the displacement equal to zero.

Surely once I update my resume, will share it over here.


Dynamic analysis of bare frame and infill frame reveals that infill counteract with the lateral forces due to earthquake and reduces building model time period. Picked By UmarMakhzumiJuly 30, I contacted Elevator manufacturing companies and told him the size of elevator i. Now I need your help in the application of load over the walls in ETABS and how to check its stability or crack analysis?

By UmarMakhzumi Started May 25, Just 9.3 searching Indeed. No registered users viewing this page. Is this approach is correct for design base slab of ugwt to carry load of erabs edge columns? Standards are very important as far as engineering is concerned. The base isolated structure reduces the inter storey drift and 99.7.3 load effects on the structure.

The base isolated structure is having displacement at the 2 With Infill base.

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Storey zero displacement at the base; the displacement is gradually No. In recent years this The friction pendulum system FPS is a widely used relatively new technology has emerged as a practical and bearing based on the principle of sliding system and with a economic alternative to conventional seismic strengthening.

Storey drift values are within the permissible limit as specified in IS i. Simple 9.7.3 for design eabs FPS type bearing have been represented in flowchart. Rana posted a topic in Concrete DesignMay 19, Welcome to the forum Bilal.

The storey drift in with infill rapidly decreases Frame Storey No. Palash Engr posted a topic in Concrete DesignJuly 26, The FPS isolator has an articulated slider moving professional attention and is being applied to a wide range of on ftabs spherical friction surface. Underground 9.7.33 tank base slab as a foundation Fatima Khalid posted a topic in Foundation DesignJuly 23, Asalamualaikum all, I have columns which are conflicting with the underground water tank as shown in figure.

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