App Store Description iSwifter Games Browser, powered by the Agawi cloud gaming platform, is the world's first gaming browser for the iPad. The app is geared to users of Flash games, so much so that it displays links to several popular Flash gaming portals at open. I'm not exactly sure how the online services will work within things like, say, Yahoo! After just a few days of development, given that the announcement was only seven short days ago, iSwifter, from Peter Relan's YouWeb, is launching today.

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Thus, while iSwifter will save you possible bugs and glitches from format conversion, it's still not a magic bullet to get access to all the Flash content floating around out there.

Like Skyfire for iPadthis app called iSwifter brings the ability to view flash content on your iPad from all over the web. Qualcomm shells out billions to uphold Apple's German iPhone ban.

As always, we'll keep up to date on the latest progress with such a move. While at first glimpse it may seem that Apple has relented on its insistence that Flash not appear on iOS devices, the truth is a bit more complicated than all that. As co-founder of iSwifter iswifyer, Rajat Gupta, explains "It is virtually impossible for developers to bring PC games to mobile as quickly as we can through our lowest cost streaming cloud service, and to provide a native-like user experience with automatic enablement of touch gestures," so this is potentially huge news for iOS device owners.

It's also important to note that the app is currently only available for iPad.

We tested it out with Facebook, Hulu, and Vevo -- all of which worked as advertised. Sure, Flash games can be silly, but there are a ton of them out there, and many of them are far better than some of the free offerings in the App Store.

Download iSwifter (Flash) Games Browser for iPad

You can really look at it one of two ways, one being extremely optimistic and one being, well, Apple's stance. It is worth mentioning that a Wi-Fi connection is required to use Rover even iswifteg those with 3G iPads.

Regardless of technical limitations, be sure to check out the iSwifter video below. Pool in some of my downtime. Still, the trade-off to be able to watch your friends' embarrassing wall videos is definitely worth it for a few extra keystrokes in our opinion.

Of course, that could be before Adobe even delivers on its promise isaifter get Flash on the Xoom -- your move Moto. The iSwifter homescreen is broken into two panels, one for a general web browser and the other containing a gallery predetermined Iswicter games verified to work flawlessly within the app.

iSwifter Games Browser - play all the hottest flash MMOs & social web games on the iPad, instantly

The big question here is what this means for fans of the App Store. The browser's interface is difficult to use and it is often frustrating navigating to sites to get content. Although iSwifter is capable of loading other Flash content, it is clearly not designed for it and fails on some sites that other apps can load.

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You can now instantly browse any of your favorite shows, music videos, movies across the web using iSwifter! I guess that kills my dream of playing Yahoo! I'm not really sure how you would accomplish the click and drag necessary to hit a shot, but iseifter resulting mess doesn't sound pretty.

iSwifter for iPhone - Download

I'm a technology enthusiast specializing in Diagnostic Iswfter. There are numerous ways to ensure this but one of the latest and most exciting ways is that of Rover from iSwifter. What is it about? Pinch-to-zoom is present, and although there's a noticeable bit of lag when navigating, it's not a dealbreaker.

Overall, for a first release of a built-in Flash browser, iSwifter more than delivers on its claims. If you like the experience, you can upgrade to the paid version of the app using an in-app purchase to get unlimited access to gaming on your iPad.

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Rover is available now for the iPad and it's free to download. Limited by the ability to only watch Flash videos and not other types of Flash apps like games and website animations? Ever since Skyfire brought Flash to the iPad with its server-side solution, we've had a feeling that others would try to emulate the experience and satisfy the general public's desire for the venerable format on Apple's tablet.

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