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As described above, basic statistical methods were use to determine the relative values for these multipliers. Specifically, the frequency in which a given base was observed at a particular position in functional groups was compared with the frequency that that same base was observed in the total, randomly selected siRNA set. In still other instances, analysis of a single sequence with two separate formulas may give rise to conflicting results i. The Windows release was created by Pucajte Kod Nas.

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In one envisioned application of siRNA as therapeutic molecules, duplexes targeting disease-associated genes will be introduced into patients intravenously. Methods and xs for enhancing the efficacy and specificity of rna silencing.

The presence of a U base in position 10 of the sense strand exhibited an even greater impact FIG. Current Protocols in Molecular Biology.

A higher value refers to a more efficient siRNA for a particular target gene. Chi, Ce view of gene silencing by small interfering RNAs Press the Uninstall button. The Y-axis represents the percent internalization relative to control. Applicants hereby incorporate by reference the sequence listing provided on CD-ROM in lieu of paper into the instant specification.

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According to a third embodiment, the invention provides a method for developing an algorithm for selecting siRNA, said method comprising: Controls used in these experiments included mock transfected cells, and cells that were transfected with a non-specific siRNA duplex.

Alternatively, it may be desirable to scan the sequence and to identify regions of moderate GC context, then perform relevant calculations using one of the above-described formulas on these regions. Following the division of siRNA into three groups, a statistical analysis was performed on each member of each group to determine the average internal stability profile AISP of the siRNA. Duplex unwinding is believed to be crucial for siRNA functionality in vivo and overall low internal stability, especially low internal stability of the first unwound base pair is believed to be important to maintain sufficient processivity of RISC complex-induced duplex unwinding.

The computer program that may be used may be developed in any computer language that is known to be useful for scoring nucleotide sequences, or it may be developed with the assistance of commercially available product such as Microsoft's PRODUCT. These traits, heightened potency and extended longevity of the RNAi phenotype, are highly attractive from a therapeutic standpoint. However, it is beneficial to have more than one type of formula, because not every formula will be able to help to differentiate among potential siRNA sequences.

Any of the methods of selecting siRNA can further comprise selecting either for or against sequences that contain motifs that induce cellular stress.

Transfection of individual siRNAs showed standard distribution of inhibitory effect. Unless stated otherwise, the following terms and phrases have the meanings provided below:.

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The protein exists in at least two forms Bcl2a, which has a hydrophobic tail for membrane anchorage, and Bcl2b, which lacks the hydrophobic tail and is predominantly localized to the mitochondrial membrane. This finding validates the information provided by the internal stability profiles and demonstrates that: Thus for instance, rationally designed siRNA sequences directed against a gene of interest 16.

be introduced into cells at increasingly limiting concentrations to determine whether any of the duplexes are hyperfunctional. Optimizing siRNA According to one embodiment, the present invention provides a method for improving the effectiveness of gene silencing for use to silence a particular gene through the selection of an optimal siRNA.

By way of example, universal bases include but are not limited to 3-nitropyrrole, 5-nitroindole, or nebularine. Cancer Research, 50, pp.

According to a first embodiment, the present invention provides a kit for gene silencing, wherein said pon is comprised of a pool of at least two siRNA duplexes, each of which is comprised of a sequence that is complementary to a portion of the sequence of one or more target messenger RNA, and each of which is selected using non-target specific criteria.

To accomplish this, each of the ten Bcl-2 siRNA were individually transfected into cells pjn a pM 0. To further demonstrate the ability to concomitantly knockdown the expression of multiple gene targets, single siRNA or siRNA pools directed against a collection of genes e.

Additionally, in many applications, more than one of these formulas would provide useful information as to the relative functionality of potential siRNA sequences. Improved specificity of gene silencing by siRNAs containing unlocked nucleobase analogs. Plates are then sealed with parafilm and mixed.

Accordingly, there is a need to develop rational criteria by which to select siRNA with an acceptable level of functionality, and to identify siRNA that have this improved level of functionality, as well as to identify siRNAs that are hyperfunctional.

The disclosures of the priority applications, including the sequence listings and tables submitted in electronic form in lieu of paper, are incorporated by reference into the instant specification. Multigene Silencing In addition to developing kits that contain multiple siRNA directed against a single gene, another embodiment includes the use of multiple siRNA targeting multiple genes.

In addition to cancer, dysregulated expression of Bcl-2 has been correlated with multiple sclerosis and various neurological diseases.

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