Puppetshow return to joyville

This might have been included in the CE, I don't know. Hard mode has an even longer filling Hint and Skip meters, active areas are not indicated by sparkles and there are no black bar tips. Your search will continue as you solve more puzzles and work your way through narrow corridors. Select the air canister. Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More.

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PuppetShow: Return to Joyville Walkthrough

Hidden object scenes are different each time you play. Click on items in the scene to cross them off the list. Got stuck and had to look at walk through because I didn't know I could go right or left on the stage. The arrows can only move in the direction they are pointing to. Select the gears and switch on the back wall. The mini-games are mostly on the easy side. Take the moon 2 ; put the moon joyvillle the slot 3. Walk down and zoom into the back door. Open the pocket; take the coral puppetsohw.

PuppetShow: Return to Joyville Walkthrough - Gamezebo

Use the sledgehammer X on the wall and take the spearhead Y. Select the axe man. Welcome to the PuppetShow: Go back to the second corridor; zoom into the machine in the back J. By dragging the rings around the puzzle, you will eventually lock pieces into different holes. With the help of Felicia, try to stop the fire that incinerated her father.

Go back to the front of the theater. Examine the dragon head; watch the cat. Some of the find lists may be random; our lists may vary from yours.

Select the locked door. You have activated a new puzzle!

PuppetShow - Return to Joyville Walkthrough - GameHouse

Return to Joyville walkthrough on Gamezebo. Your goal is to look for the image that is opposite one of the question mark side. Using the clue on the tapestry, arrange the figures as shown in the screenshot R. Select the grate on the side of the water pump. Press on the links 3 times and take the dog Y.

Go through the puppetshiw.

The Fading Signal Walkthrough. There is also much more puzzles around this time, and quite a bit more adventuring.

Puppetshow: Return to Joyville

The object is to get all of the rings into their respective locks. Last Dance Walkthrough Yuletide Legends: Especially the latter one.

Beautiful graphics and it's worth it at the end to see what happens to Felicia. To solve the puzzle, press on the red buttons in joyviole order: Arrange the limbs into the right positions by pulling on the latches on the right.

The crown will appear in the hutch when the puzzle is complete.

Death in Hardcover Walkthrough Living Legends:

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