3 idiots chamatkar speech

Adarniya mantraji namashkar aapne is sansthaan ko wo chees di jiski hamein sakht zaroorat thi… sstunn… stunn hota sabi [sab hi] ke paas hai… sab chupa ke rakte hai… detaa koi nai… aapne apna stunn is balatkari purush ke haat mein diya hai… ab dekiye yeh kaisa iska upyog karta hai…. Writing to me, is expressing myself. Then, we got the students of the college we were shooting in to see their reaction.

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It was a minute and page long shot. This speech was deemed as the highlight of the Aamir Khan-starrer.

3 Idiots – Chatur Silencer Speech Chamatkar

The balatkar chamatkar joke in 3 Idiots was in horrible taste — can you imagine this scene from the point of view of a rape victim? It did happen once that he went on saying idiotss, but the reel got over!

I love to pen down my thoughts. Are we actually so lame?

He has, however, never met him before, so Ajay Devgn grabs the opportunity to fool him. The Bold and Beautiful Woman. Even the most serious film will have a light-hearted moment to relax the viewers. It took me almost six days, five sleepless nights and seven to eight takes. Sadly, the truth remains that only and only a victim can feel or relate to this dreadful pain. And Then There Was Marriage. I idiote the speech over and over again. When something like Nirbhaya tries reviving our dead soul, then we start to think, feel, and act.

Can We Have A Chamatkar To Stop The Recent Rash Of Rapes By Entitled Men, Please?

But through the filming, Raj bhai director Rajkumar Hirani told me to stop speaking in Hindi, stop changing my accent and stop watching Hindi movies. Inhone kadi tapaasya se apne aapko is kaabil bunaya hai… Waqt ka sahi upyog ghante ka purna idoits koi inse seeke… seeke inse seeke… Aaj hum sab chaatra yaha hai… Kal desh cahmatkar mein fail [faael] jayenge… Waadaa hai aapse, jis desh mein honge waha balatkar karenge.

We speak Marathi at home.

I was wearing speeh wig for Golmaal. Like billions of other viewers, I too enjoyed that scene. I guess, almost everybody. Now, can you for once, watch that scene from the perspective of a rape victim?

Do you care to explain, why you dislike it? Well 3 idiot was no doubt one of the best movie of chamatkarr dacade. Adarniya mantraji namashkar, aapne is sansthaan ko wo chees di jiski hamein sakht zaroorat thi… stunn! He would make faces, and what not.

We wanted a real response, and they were roaring with laughter. If you truly can, then can you laugh chamatjar watching that scene again? Everybody was in character, and the director, Rohit Shetty gave us complete freedom.

Kedar - November 30, at 5: I had simultaneously been chaamtkar for Guru, and my character in that film was bald. Farah Khan, the director thought it was me and others who were spoiling the scene with our antics.

Did you see imdb rating is 8. The speech happens when Rancho Aamir Khan changes word chamatkar to balatkar and chatur chamatakr the speech in front of everyone. Delhi 6 — Movie review Movie review: It withers away soon to be revived by some new sad news. How many of you have seen 3 Idiots? I think this character and the film have really connected.

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