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No impending release date. Unfortunately it wasn't just new customers. For example, Zoom Player never really grasped that or researched it the developer did not even acquire Vista , and that was one of the reasons I changed to Media Player Classic - Home Cinema. YV12 , or connecting to different renderers? Yeah OK, here is a graph of the same opening sequence when played back with 1.

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Pprofessional not for coreqvc piracy, the iPod would have been a complete flop. I stopped asking about GPU support for a couple of months because some people got slighty aggressiv on this matter. That part of this movie was the only instance of this problem I've seen out of multiple encodes. Is it on or off by default? So that's not really a valid argument. I added an entry in our knowledge base about it. I used AviSynth 2. Yes but HDTV is interlaced.

I want to create AVI files to edit with. DS deinterlacing - Fixed: So without more info Now number of frames and fps is accurate but a message pops up that "Changefps: You can professionaal for yourself: But because of the Sony control issue we never went there.

I think comparison was meant to be for Graphedit layout, 1.

We are addressing ALL of the issues posted To stay ahead of the competition you need more than just the speed of the decoder alone. Sounds like wrong field order. Do this on a case by case basis, if enough ppl want it and it's not that much work, do it.

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Submitted by the Waukegan Park District Jan 3, That is a feature that they shouldn't be exerting control coreavv. MKV files; framerate is "locked" around fps for some reason. It is called constructive criticism. He is going to look into a means of warning the user of these results. Yeah, the world really needs a good VC-1 decoder right now.

Now thats a proper and clear post. Any more updates on the Linux version?

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We hope to include some of these enhancements in 1. Could you not find an area that shows the problem, and reencode a clip put a trim in clreavc AviSynth to test?

The source file is: I recall reading somewhere that all AVC decoders have to have identical output compared to the official reference decoder, in order to be allowed the AVC label.

Can you compare 1. Does it intelligently know if deblocking coreavd required and use it or just skips using it the majority of the time? Yeah OK, here is a graph of the same opening sequence when played back with 1. I realise that you may think this might shut me up.

Or is one coming soon?

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