And you can ask anyone out there who plays the music and is familiar with the group But Groundation is close. That was going to be my next question Nomo, was whether you captured this set.

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To make optimal use of this website you need to activate javascript. Exciting to hear about the new works coming!

Brown Fish Stew Reply Quote. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair.

Rockamovya - Harrison Stafford Official Website

Share your latest musical discoveries with us! Sorry to hear you won't be there tonight NoMo. Rockamovya -- West Coast Dates August 06, Rockamovya -- West Coast Dates August 07, Hopefully RotR releases their videos soon Rockamovya -- West Coast Dates August 08, Exquisite live for those who are also open to Groundation's unique jazz-reggae mix and in April that was an entire AB.

Dont sleep on your chance rockammovya see one of the most progressively satisfying collaborations that Reggae music has seen in a very long time.

Rockamovya - b, Upper Wall, Acephale, Alberta, Canada

Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Love all those guys. Hope you have a good time at RoR! The expansive and altogether new sound Rockamovya emits is due in large part to the inter-generational links the album has created.

Really want to see this set. Rockamovya -- West Coast Dates July 31, Danielwill you be at RotR?

For me, this is representative of the progessive wing of the Reggae world I've never been a Groundation fan so I didn't really care to see fockamovya set, but I have to say, when they played about a 8 minute version of "Rockers" to end the set The tunes on that album are very good, and I know Harrison and company will bring it like always!

Rockamovya's inaugural self titled release generated a strong buzz within the more traditional music industry, as well as the ever-growing conscious music community. I think the best thing anyone has said about the project would be Horse's own comment after the show Yep, the essential Groundation variation version, mon!


Order your drink tokens now That way you don't have to queue and you can go straight to the bar Order. Rockamovya -- West Coast Dates August 03, No AB account yet? It's been awhile, Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

I have to travel to reggae on the river and will see them there, otherwise i would not miss this show! That venue in mill valley is super sick. But they are heading back into the studio after these two CA dates, so more new music on the way Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

That way you will be first to know when they visit AB. Rockamovya -- West Coast Dates July 11,

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