First, select a device to model. Includes automated fault tree and isolation strategies. When you exit the data entry screen your model will automatically be saved in a file of your choice. Minimum data specifications for a model are listed in bold. This provides incredible flexibility for the end user.

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MODEL statement alone will not allow critical dynamic parameters and parasitics to be properly modeled. Now that the model is complete, we can verify the performance. Spcemod example Diac model is provided to guide users through the process.

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SPICE Models Free: Intusoft Has The Most Models and SPICE Modeling Utilities

You may also save the model in the Intusoft. P—n diode wikipedialookup. Forums New posts Search forums. Making And Editing Libraries.

SpiceMod is a simple program designed to help engineers produce accurate SPICE models for thousands of semiconductors. Started by Pommie Yesterday at 5: This item has been added to your Subscriptions.

All models and subcircuits are available for viewing and editing.

For pricing information call us at and ask for Sales. From the IV curve, VM is equal to 0. Type " " in the VR field. You may select from: The circuits will allow your SPICE program to produce the same curves and graphs seen in manufacturer's data sheets. Thread starter zoodlewurdle Start date Jul 29, If only a limited amount of such data is available then SpiceMod will make estimates for the remaining data, based on the data the user has entered.

Christophe Basso's web site. Minimum data specifications for a model are listed in bold.

Note For Library Manager users: The data sheet we are using provides the data in a table. Type " 0 " in the Xpicemod field. Press the tab key to move through the various fields displayed on the screen.

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SpiceMod? Looks like a well-kept secret!

Because modeling is the heart of any SPICE simulation system and Intusoft has the best and most complete model libraries. The diode for which we will develop a model is the industry standard 1N Intusoft will release a Windows-based version of its SpiceMod data sheet modeling program in November. PN, computer, switching, rectifier, diode bridge, zener, avalanche regulator, voltage reference, transient suppressors, varactors; low, medium, and high power, any frequency range.

Generally, you may give a model any name, however, it should not be more than sixteen characters in length and should start with an alphabetic character.

Looks like a well-kept secret! And because model development is so streamlined, you can develop minimum, spicemov, typical or worst case libraries to cover all of your simulation needs.

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