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Best Things to Do In St. Most Popular Most Read. Definitely our best tour to date!

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Print quality merch, get over the cheap shit! Shirts and hats sreddy very well, as well as hard copies of our new album What Happened Tomorrow. We had a total sound meltdown in a spot we usually play that I won't mention, and since then the problems have been fixed.

Virgo by Steddy P. on Spotify

Switch to the mobile version of this page. Louis - Washington Avenue ST. Calendar Events in St. The man is a Hip-Hop L and one of the nicest people we've ever met. We'll try it out again in the fall. There was also this cat in Dayton, called Many Styles or something like that, and he freestyled over classic hip hop beats, flipping the rhyme schemes of the original song. Stesdy Popular Most Read.

Newsletters Never miss a beat Sign Up Now Subscribe now to get the latest news delivered right to your inbox. We had several encores at the crowd's request in our hometowns of Kansas City and St.

INDYGROUND ENTERTAINMENT • Steddy P & DJ Mahf opening for Danny Brown at Old

December 1, On The RoadImage. Hopefully we can keep this up as a unit. Nothing, our label has been booking respectable tours for nearly three years now, so we've recently completed ssteddy show dates in about 70 or so days since March 3rd.

We asked Steddy P to tell us what went well, what didn't and what stedyd he has for others heading out on tour. Louis, MO Main: Make sure you get a good sound check and rehearse for tour.

We also brought most of the Steddy P discography and DJ Mahf spring samplers of his free mixes from his website. Louis - North City ST.

Definitely our best tour to date! Riverfront Times N. Photo by Eric Farlow.

Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram. He's a great live performer.

Listen to Virgo now.

Minneapolis is always a great place to play. So our schedule is picking up.

The show and music has got to be good for anyone who doesn't know you, if they don't like what they hear within a song or two, they will stop listening to you I promise. Best Things to Do In St. Shirts, buttons, stickers, hats, posters. For this most recent leg, the two played twenty-odd shows in about a month, traveling throughout the Midwest.

Stack your bread and put it eteddy merchandise, things that will make money for you later. They were traveling in support of their most recent album, What Happened Tomorrowwhich you can download for free.

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