Sunta hai guru gyani

We all came from the naada bindu, i. The Guru always speaks in Silence. This verse is an explanation of Kriya Yoga.

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While the Rajas characteristic takes care of activity, the Tamas characteristic takes care of the inertia. Ahankara with the help of Sattwa characteristic expresses into the subtle substance of thoughts called as Mind, 5 organs of perception called Jnanendriyas, 5 organs of action called Karmendriyas.

This is the unmanifested form of the Universe. Like many stellar spherical objects, earth is one among them similar to that of water in a lake. To attain back this knowledge of immortality we have to take our consciousness in the reverse way i. This desire has removed our knowledge of our true immortal nature amrut and deluded us to think that we are mortals and got entangled with all worldly activities.

Since the most subtle part of these 21 elements is mind, the Saints advice to quieten the mind and prescribe various methods of practices. While the Yama, Niyama, Asana methods of practice reduce the effect of Rajas characteristic; the Pranayama, Pratyahara reduces the effect of Tamas Characteristc and makes the aspirant to look into its mind through Dharana. Here one can also listen to the eternal naadam.

This when gets expressed into manifested form is called as Prakruti which will have limited consciousness and hence called as unconscious.

By doing so one can be in the world but not of the world. By doing so we can burn off the desire to take birth meaning we can get rid of conditioned thinking.

Sunta Hai Guru Gyani - Kabir

Whatever we see, perceive and experience in this cosmos is a combination or recombination of these three characteristics. Kabir was definitely one of the enlightened ones. Upwards from moolaadhaara to agna chakra instead of agnaa chakra to moolaadhaara. The Rajas characteristic provides energy for the evolution and existence of these 21 elements.

We all are Full pUrNaM. Sunta hai guru gyani.

Sunta Hai Guru Gyani - Kabir, a song by Kumar Gandharva on Spotify

The same Ahankara with the help of Tamas characteristic expresses into the 5 gross elements called Pancha Bhutas and 5 subtle elements called Pancha Tanmatras. The Buddhi gives rise to Ahankara. And, during Samadhi the mind is treated as nothing but a bundle of thoughts and is just a wave which is part of the ocean, hence is completely ignored.

The Prakruti gets expressed into the Cosmos that we perceive and see. Only when our minds chatter stops and when we enter into Silence we can hear the whisper of Guru or Cosmos. We all are nothing but a tiny speck among the infinite forms that are present in the Cosmos.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The word consciousness here should not be considered as the word that we use in general forms that of related to mind. Sachin June 11, at The first is the Mahat tattwa which forms the basis for the Buddhi or Cosmic Intelligence.

The Guru always speaks in Silence. Everyone in reality is that absolute. We all came from the naada bindu, i.

Then Once the Spirit completely realizes the transitoriness and the impermanence of the manifested cosmos as only an expression of the Purusha or Unmanifested, It merges into That - rather is constantly in that Universal Awareness. For this Prakruti to get expressed in various forms, it splits into three characteristics called as Triguna - Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas.

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Once we understand this limited nature of this physical body, we cannot get deluded further and get into the awareness of the transitory nature of the physical body.

Hzi those who become aware of this eternal truth shall see this world as transient and attain the same ageless and immortal state.

The individual who realizes this attains Nirvaana.

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