Obama vs romney erb

Retrieved December 15, He may have been lucky to do so, as to be "born with a silver spoon in one's mouth" means that someone was born into a rich family or an upper class. This epithet would later be appropriated to refer to the Chicago area's wind and weather patterns.

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Lloyd Ahlquist left portrayed and rapped as Mitt Romney right. Therefore, they knock harder on doors to get attention from the people inside.

Romney's father, George W. Romney, was an accomplished automotive executive who tried his hand at politics and succeeded on many levels including the governorship of Michigan and as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Senator from Illinois — Illinois Senator from the 13th district — Mitt Romney " " Einstein vs.

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While Romney is a good businessman, he can't just throw money at America's issues and expect to fix them like Monopolya board game about economics. Mitt Romney " Salt Lake Organizing Committee.

Book Portal Category Conservatism portal. Retrieved from " https: This line refers to Obama's last statement.

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

Romney calls Obama by his nickname, Barry, which he used to go by with his friends during his youth. While Obama was a supporter of gay marriage, Romney was not particularly fond of homosexuals, so Obama tells him to stop with such needless homophobia.

Obama continues addressing Romney's poor choice of clothing from the previous line. Essentially, Romney says that he will hit Obama harder than anything else he has ever done.

Therefore, Romney says Obama's rap skills are as feeble as the economy. Obama essentially tells Romney that he will smack him with his huge genitalia. Should a sitting President be married while in office, his wife will hold the honorary title of First Lady, as Michelle Obama did from to Romney basically says he will mess Obama up badly.

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Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

It came down to Obama vs. Romney was often said to have a better looking face than Obama. He may have been lucky to do so, as to be "born with a silver spoon in one's mouth" means that someone was born into a rich family or an upper class.

Romney also has similar features to the Fantastic Four's elastic superhero, Mister Fantastic, as they both have the same type rombey face with salt-and-pepper colored hair. What are you doing? The Case for American Greatness.

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney - Wikipedia

So, Lincoln wants Obama to back er own rhetoric and run the country as he said he would. Had Romney won, Obama would have been cast out of the White House obqma the morning of January 20th, From Promise to Power Barack Obama: Romney makes a play on "blowhards", meaning boastful supporters, like the kind Obama has, which ties in with him coming from a windy place, obamw one that "blows hard".

This refers to the fact that Romney had probably used up all the good material for the first half of the battle, and he is now left with nothing else to use for the second half. Retrieved from " http: Languages Bahasa Indonesia Edit links. Furthermore, he taunts Romney's style of fashion by telling him homosexuals tend to wear better attire than he does.

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