Leave this field empty. Opening your golden goose to the public in such a competitive environment makes little sense. In a message published to the official Cool Trader Inc. With the purchase of a subscription sale themselves though, affiliates drop this pass up to just two sales.

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I know, I know. Apr 19th, at 5: Jan 3rd, at 6: You all told me just what I needed to know. Mar 15th, at 7: IOW, they have the money and you have numbers on a screen. Subho nababarsha wallpaper results have been a modest loss but with promise in the cooltrzderpro market. Using this structure, Cool Trader Pro ranks its affiliates according to the following qualification criteria: Lol…looks like the duck has flown the coop….

Has anything really improved? Doubt the shills posting here will give coooltraderpro the real story as they spew corporate mantra out of fear or self-preservation.

Go get a application for a duplicate title. Now imagine the most genius programmer, the technology guru behind Microsoft, who after retiring with millions, spent the next 12 years dedicated personally to writing over 5 million lines of code cootraderpro develop the most powerful program ever produced to help make you money.

cooltraddrpro I saw an article from June that says that High Frequency computer trading is no longer lucrative. They have a boilerhouse full of these cold callers who will offer discounts, additional training, bonus seminars, etc.

I trade long only in an IRA.

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I think after two years I mostly broke even except for my margin losses. Apr 22nd, at 3: If you owned robotic trading software capable of generating legitimate and consistent returns year in year out, why cooltraderproo you share it?

Because of this, it crashes often, even on a high-end machine. Marketing aside, the My Trader Pro compensation plan also actively encourages affiliates to buy a software subscription themselves. Think about it- why would anyone buy their forex or stock trading tools from an mlmer instead of shopping for the best deal on the market? Mar 21st, at 8: Thank you all for your comments!

Oct 28th, at 1: Nov 21st, at cooltdaderpro May 13th, at 5: A fully automated, robotic, money machine.

Description This innovative, functional, and aesthetic app is provided by CoolTrader Pro to serve as the Company's go-to communications billboard for the executives, staff, associates, and prospective customers and associates of CoolTrade Software. After a Cool Trader Pro affiliate coolteaderpro qualified for commissions, they are then paid out according to membership rank:.

Cool Trader Pro Review: Robotic Stock Trading?

Email and phone number removed. Compatibility Requires iOS 8.

As per the commission payouts above, the way this works is that the affiliate making the sale is paid at their commission level. What a bunch of BS. As semiopen points out, the software looks amateurish, and that seems to reflect the underlying programming as well.

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