Detective barbie in the mystery of the carnival caper

It's very unlikely the trail of clues will lead you to every location in a single playthrough. The Vacation Mystery features much of the same gameplay, and while I do consider it to be not quite as fun as the first, I'd say it's still worth a go. Luckily, it brings you to the place the clues have been hinting at; as you can probably guess, it's the Haunted House. Under a white sheet covering a chair. Getting on a ride when the suspect's not there will still let you play the minigame but with no target to chase, so the game will continue endlessly until you click the mouse button.

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Movement in Detective Barbie is a bit more complicated than it needs to be for a game like this, but don't worry too much. This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Jake voice Michael McGaharn As a fun fact, the total amount of clues is Sitting on the floor backstage, near the stairs.

He also mentions that he knows about multiple shortcuts and secrets around the carnival, but that he can't tell Barbie because they won't be secrets anymore. Hi there, young lady. Unfortunately, he disappears for good - along with the charity money.

Detective Barbie: Mystery of the Carnival Caper critique |

For example, in real life colored scarves could be part of a magician's act OR a clown's act, but in this game colored scarves only lead to the first location, the Magic Show. Sometimes he gets crafty and makes it look like he'll head one way before jolting the other way, keeping you alert. Inside a spotlight backstage. Do you have a couple of minutes? Use the HTML below. He'd probably have some really awesome places to stash something. Barbie and her parthers must search the carnival for clues that might tje them to find Ken, the missing money and the person responsible for their inopportune departure.

Detective Barbie: The Mystery Of The Carnival Caper! Screenshots for Windows - MobyGames

Madame Wanda voice Daniel Hagen In the flowerbed near Artie's house. It's possible to win or lose them, and losing them will force the player to follow the crook's footprints to a different active ride to try again.

I'm just the handyman. I have about a thousand things to do for the show.

On the swivel chair. Does that look like a dressing room to you? Click a clue to hear Barbie and Becky's thoughts on it. Game Critique — Thf Please.

Are you in a rush? Mystery of the Carnival Caper.

You'll need the Crowbar to open it. Have you seen anything? The third game was developed for the PlayStation by Runecraft.

Detective Barbie: Mystery of the Carnival Caper critique

We're still looking for Ken! The unsightly characters, the haunting music and the eerie handprints and footprints that appear through the scenes really work to build the dark tone and atmosphere.

All conversations are recorded in the Crime Computer and can be listened to at any point afterward. For now, get capet on stage and walk past the curtains to get backstage. So, you're glad Ken's gone? Under a white sheet covering a chair.

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