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Nevertheless, it lacks of social networking features that other Torrent clients may offer, such as publishing recommendations. Thank you for providing this link i've used utorrent before and bitlord but the latest upload doesn't work on my computer so i'm looking around for previous versions in the hopes they'll work recomended to me by a friend so am trying it out as i would like to download movies and tv series etc thats about it really so will enjoy it infact there is nothing compared to this sortware , otherwies i would never try to download it many times. Resurrected version of the P2P application let's you search and share files through the Gnutella network. The beauty is that you can get different pieces from different sharers, meaning the whole thing runs more smoothly.

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If the new ones do not work please try this. Where that client fails, Bitlord comes to save the day.

BitLord — is written in. BitLord is free Open Source software similar to FireFox, meaning we will never spy on you because you can check our code and even help make BitLord better! Home Downloads Blog User Reviews.

BitLord is a light and powerful BitTorrent client with which you can high-speed download every kind of files as long as it is available for sharing. For those fresh to torrenting, the most useful feature is a built-in search engine that saves you having to hunt through countless websites.

Nevertheless, it lacks of social networking features that other Torrent clients may offer, such as publishing recommendations. BitLord is a step up from the classic file sharing client. We are working on translating everything so there will be some missing strings. Thirdly we have given BitLord a new look and hopefully a more user friendly user interface.

It includes typical features for this kind of software. First of all we decided the future is streaming. It is quit good but take some time. Additionally, this software includes some more functions like and RSS manager or a playlist maker for your multimedia downloaded files.

There are numerous applications for handling torrents, but BitLord does a great job of making things simple while still giving you as much control as you want. Pokemon Emerald Version 1. Microsoft 3D Pinball - Space You may distribute this software as long as the contents are left intact and not modified in any way. BitTorrent is the most popular file sharing tool nowadays, but its client leaves much to be desired.

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So, we have been working hard to improve our streaming capability. Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3. Improved video and audio streaming. Found a bad link? Help others and help yourself by letting bitlorr know which torrents are good.

BitLord 2.2.1

User Interface improvements to make it easier to use BitLord. That said, they aren't obtrusive and you certainly aren't obliged to use the links! Comment System Read what others think about a download and leave your praise, anger, meh or love in our bitlofd system.

Updated to LibTorrent 1. We fixed one issue where resolution changes would make BitLord crash. Do let us know if you run into any bugs or if there is something missing you would like us to add. So what is it we have been working on for the past year? Hopefully this will fix some of the problems users have had in the previous version. Scaling for retina displays we will add retina supported graphics in the next update!

Changes since last release: It helps you to avoid having to look for files, they are served directly to you.

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