Geforce 341.92

Sorry I missed the Win7. User Control Panel Log out. Weird thing is the card works fine at desktop, steam low-demand game and word processing, but as soon as I launch Firefox or MS' new Edge browser the game locks.

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Hate to fight a lost cause, so I ordered a RX today. Essentials Only Full Version. Log in or Sign up.

At my wits end with what Nvidia to use. SpindleFeb 5, My PC is constantly freezing; meaning the screen and mouse freeze and nothing further happens picture at freeze remains on the display. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

8400gs and Win 10 (64bit) Support

User Control Panel Log out. Discussion in ' Player Support ' started by WhiteroseFeb 5, Obviously this card is dated, but it was my impression the combination of the gs, availability of Win 10 64 bit drivers for this video card and store availability of the card the combination is still supported. I also downloaded DirectX 9, so know it's apparently wrong Nvidia.

Returning player and when installing game locks up with black screen. Thanks in gforce for any help, Miss Freggs.

GrouseFeb 6, However, after all these years -- still transparent ground in the high level zones and a lot of fractal panes Just be aware, per the driver release notes, nVidia is no longer supporting Windows XP. This driver adds security updates for driver components of Tesla architecture class GPUs.

Are my impressions in err?

Research shows I am geforfe the first person with this problem, but I have not stumbled upon a solution. WhiteroseFeb 10, Other than this I have no more to offer. I am not seeing the black screens, but there is a lag problem, unrelated to graphics, in many of the older zones.

I ran the render est in GPUZ and it failed shortly into that test as gefodce. I'm running with You must log in or sign up to reply here.

NVIDIA Outs GeForce and Quadro Drivers - Download Now

Card works perfectly fine installed in a Win 7 machine. Can anyone tell me what is the best Nvidia version to play the game or a link? SpindleFeb 7, Sure wish retailers would stop peddling these cards if they are not supported with the current OS.

My gaming laptop 341.922 the GTX with 8 gig vid ram 16 gig reg ram.

GeForce 341.92 Driver

View More Photo Galleries. Thanks, I will give Just install the latest drivers from Nvidia site.

No luck with Temp during a game only reached 54c with the ArticSilver5 thermal compound. Still a good thing to check the gefprce notes thoroughly as changes in behavior are mentioned.

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