Our review conclusion defines the software capability was complimentary to the evolving client demand but software has yet to maximize technological updates to fulfill its potentials. This Software has allowed: High control about assets. The improve of ManWinWin to the Health services and medical devices Cons In my opinion, this software could be improved for the health services, with the definitions of some parameters specific for medical devices and related services.

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It's user friendly and never let us down, the Costumer support is always available, It has strong analysis capabilities Overall: Is Open Source software. Just an example is i can't associate an article to many objects at once. It is imperative of me to leave a huge thank you for all the collaboration in recent years. To achieve this goal, the SW is not enough, you need also to correctly design your plant and describe a feasible work standards with regular reviews MWW offer you a several tools, like maintenance indicators that when used with the correct filters, will show you where is your next improvement: ManWinWin is very easy to use Better planning, good and reliable program Pros This software is very good quality and easy to use and has a free trial version so you can test the operation of the software Cons there are minimal things that should be improved.

ManWinWin Reviews and Pricing -

Pros User friendly software. We use this software since and we can't imagine work without it.

Until now I have not had any kind of inconveniences, it has been very helpful ,I have nothing wrong with this program. ManWinWin is not only a technological manwinwinn, but is essentially an attitude of management. This is my first experience to use a maintenance program to follow up maintenance work for our customers.

With strong supports from Navaltik, I do believe this MWW software project will be applied and operated successfully in my factories. Good but incomplete Better planning Pros The possibilities for planning. The program is simple to use, well organized and prepared to be configured according to the structure and function you want to set.

I was already given assistance over the phone and it was very good Cons: Good tool to manage maintenace. Mawninwin software presents itself as an important and powerful tool in the planning of all our maintenance activities.

Their consultants managed to implement the program at our company in a very short time and professional standards. Great choice in this Mechanic's modest opinion. ManWinWin is simple, practical and very intuitive software.

Thank you for your positive comment. With that is possible to have a detailed history of each occurrence, time spent, spares, and cost.

Maintenance Process Control App.

ManWinWin Software

Luis from Hotel Quinta da Marinha. The solution is priced on a per user per annual license system which includes phone, email and manwinwim support.

It makes estimates possible and helps with future budgeting and planning. The amazing part is the ease with which you can create, execute ' maintain WOs.

It has a lot of functionality and is very well structured. The fact that you have the express version and can not use it in an online way and save time to see the reports.

This is a most important advantage of such an application, as working in an industrial enviroment, the operators really need a simple and straight-forward app, that is reliable enough through the work cycle.

Manwin online service is always available for any technical service advice. Solution provided by the developers did not make it easier. However it is still good software, taking into account the various services and management that can include. Very reliable and an easy to use program. I currently use the software for all maintenance controls. It's Ease of use and customization possibilities are a must for a flexible organization like Bosch Security Systems.

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