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An infatuation that is burning but all the while you know it's not gonna last. But I'm not able to describe my work. A fat cat, who's a berlin-based, cigar smoking private investigator, who likes to tell people how the world works.. What are your plans for this year? When did you start singing?

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Also, this song is amazing. My heart is beating but the soul has died My body's breathing beneath catatonic eyes The blood is flowing, set free for demise I've lost my balance but God knows I tried I don't want to be here anymore in scarlet letters Carved into what once was me Once was yours, no more An uphill battle I failed to climb I left it all now and I don't mind Betrayed and broken consumed by the lies Farewell to you all, I'll be fine. Excluir playlist Cancelar Guardar. General Comment I believe that this part: