Genex probe software

At that time, the system starts the test, but does not save the log file. The recommended value is 6. The shortcut menu is displayed, as shown in Figure

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Introduction to GENEX Probe - ppt download

Table Descriptions of the data items in the wait test Name Description Indicates whether or not to enable this test item. With the simple and easy-to-follow test plan, you can conduct a series of drive tests. If the device parameters are not correctly configured, the system returns an error or warning prompt, as shown in Figure Import engineering parameters, open Map window and import the related Mapinfo file.

If the chart view is changed to the list view, all the information and settings in the chart view are lost.

Pilot If you set Enable to True in the pilot scan of the DTI Scanner test plan, and set the frequencies and scrambling codes to be scanned, the Pilot window displays the measurement value of these specified scrambling codes. Legend Status Bar Gneex legend status bar displays the layer information currently used in the Probe, as shown in Figure Table lists the shortcut keys to mark a map.

Figure Speed Control drop-down list II.

Figure Selecting test items 3 Enable the CW measurement. Figure Information dialog box 6.

GENEX Probe for Windows

The Offset Angle dialog box is displayed. For details about the property setting, refer to Chapter 7 "Connecting the Devices.

Double-click the indicator to open a tab. In the latter case, proobe can set the size of the log file. Carrier frequency z Indicates the frequency of the carrier.

These parameters are as follows: Table Description of tab operations To… You can… Add a tab Right-click the tab and choose Add on the shortcut menu. Figure shows the shortcut menu of a tab. The dynamic spot display during the drive test or test playback relies on the correct settings in the dynamic layer.

You can add a dynamic layer on the Map Layers bar. It contains the following contents: The Ssoftware dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure As shown in Figurethe AMR chart displays the following information: In this way, the system recovers the settings of all the tabs and parameter windows after the system reboot.

Huawei Genex Probe for 4G,3G,2G Drive Test - Telco Consultant

The two drive test files that meet the Give a synthesis analysis on the network requirements are combined troubles. To distinguish scrambling codes by color, perform the following steps: To enable the test item. To lock a position Note: Headings, Command, Command Description are in Bold boldface. The Probe can preset, import, and export the test plan.

The drive test route is generated by dotting the map during the indoor test.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

When you need to record the data, you can choose to resume recording. The data of the same type is proobe from each other with different colors.

TopN Pilot Scan Enable:

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